Top 10 Most Hated Countries in the World 2018


Last Updated: May 29, 2018

Hate or love with someone is natural as these are emotion which connect one person to another due to their qualities but when we talk about hate then it is also mean about the emotion but in negative way because hate is that quality which needs some strong reasons to born in the heart of other.

In our daily life we hate many things like people, some places or anything therefore researchers find point that people hate something when there is a strong reason behind that therefore they also asked that instead of all things in the world countries are also hated by the people.

Countries are hated because of non serious or non cooperative behavior, lack of laws and protection of people and their properties so every country which is hated by people have some major reasons like caste system, different religions, and false politics therefore there are some which are very powerful but most hated by the people.

So here is the list of top 10 most hated countries in the world 2018.

10: China

As we talk about China which is top country of the world by population as this country has one fifth population of the world, this is also famous for its powerful economy and also considered as most powerful country of the world. This country is also well known for its products which are available on very price in any country of the world map, these products include technology, machines, and food products but there is a problem that why people hate China as this country is selling things on very low price? After research it is been concluded that these low price products, machinery and food items cause many problems with the people of the world as these products are not of good quality or food products cause death of many people. Therefore people hate China and this country included in this list.

Most Hated Countries

9: India

India is largest country with respect to population after China and also in the list of most beautiful and powerful countries of the world as this country is has such many places to visit which increase its beauty before people of the world but there is major problem with this country is that most of people of world hate this country due to rule violation and non serious hated behavior of its citizens because people of this country believe discrimination on the basis caste, creed, religion, gender, color and race therefore due to these major problems many deformities born in society as poor in this society has no respect as compare to respect of rich people. So rape and sexual assaults are also increased in this country which is also a reason of hate of people with this country.

Most Hated Countries

8: United Kingdom

United Kingdom is most beautiful as well as 2nd most powerful country of the world after United States of America and economy of this country is also much strong but a large amount of people hate this country which is so much shocking to hear but as we see in the past of this country, it believe on the Slavery system and this country want to make slave many countries and their citizens without any reasons and after that their behavior with that country is also very bad. People of Sub Continent hate most this country because this country has hit many times to the people of that region and also kill many citizens without any reasons therefore with all these reasons this country is most hated by the people and included in this list.

Most Hated Countries

7: Mexico

Mexico is so much famous for its beautiful places and visiting country and also considered as most important country of the world due to its development and economy but it also that country which is most hated by the people and hate of people for this country increased day by day. Major reasons of this country are different kinds of wars and violations of rules and laws civil wars, lack of rules and laws and no protection of people’s life and property therefore most of people of this country have been migrated toward America therefore due to these reasons people of America also most hate this country so this country should show its proper and good image before all countries of the world by wiping out all these problems through rules and laws.

Most Hated Countries

6: Japan

Japan is so much beautiful country of the world and also has good image before the world due to success in the field of technology there considered in most powerful countries and has better Economy and income per person. It has also good image due to short population as compare to world and this is only country in this world which asked its citizens to increase its population but this country was so much problem with China in back of the history and as we know that China has one of the major part of population of the world therefore it is well enough for this country to be included in hated countries if only people of China hate this country therefore for this reason this country in included In this list of most hated countries of the world.

Most Hated Countries

5: Germany

Germany is most beautiful and developed country in the Europe so this is also famous for its better economy in the world but on the other hand all of the people know that this is country of Hitler which is well enough for people to hate this country therefore Hitler is behind the hate of the people for this beautiful country. Therefore the destruction produced by this country during World War 1 and 2 is enough for this country to include this country in list of most hated countries of the world. This country has developed itself so much by rules and laws but all these development are hidden before world due to terrible and woeful character of Hitler as Germany has no Cricket team which is also due to Hitler therefore this country is included in this list.

Most Hated Countries

4: Russia

Russia is most powerful country of the world and also 2nd largest dealer of Arms in the world after America but this country is most hated by the people due to some woeful and terrible experiments on Mankind and the best example is Russian Communism. For few past decades it was most powerful country in the even more than United States of America but Russia is also responsible for destruction and decline of its own religion and culture as this country is part of Soviet Union and countries of this union not like Russia as they believe that this country is cause of many problems in the world. Russia is superpower of world but it is more hated by the people of Afghanistan as this has killed many innocent people of that country therefore this country has been included in the list of most hated countries of the world.

Most Hated Countries

3: North Korea

North Korea is considered as developed country of the world and it has many places to visit and enjoy but at the same time it is also most hated by most of the people of the world as country has given a very weird message and wrong impression before the world by making large number of deadly weapons which can produce most destruction in this world. The major reason is that Government of this country has no object with their citizens as they are living life below the poverty line therefore Government has lot of money for making weapons and missiles but not enough for its people. As this country is well succeeded to frightened world b y its nuclear power but lose from its people of its own country and this country has also negative attitude towards its neighboring countries therefore this is more hated by the world.

Most Hated Countries

2: Israel

Israel is most hated by the world also considered as illegal son of two powerful countries United Kingdom and most of United States of America as this is also not recognized by most of the countries of the world including Pakistan, Iran and some other Islamic Countries. There are many reasons behind this countries for hate by the world by the major one is its continuous war with Palestine and in this war this country has killed million of innocent people and big pillars of World has no attention for this country. As this country has treated all other countries of the world 2nd and third class humans and this country has always negative propaganda in affairs of the World therefore for some of these reasons and many more this country is most hated by the people of the world.

Most Hated Countries

1: United States of America

United States of America is most powerful country of the world as this country is most developed as well as nuclear power of the world but there is a question here why this country is hated by most? The reason is unusual involvement of this country in personal affairs of many countries and also many military operations in almost every country of the world especially in Iraq Afghanistan, Iran, Libya and Egypt and most important in all tribal areas of Pakistan therefore this country is most hated by the people of the these countries and these countries are well enough to give top list to this country in most hated countries of the world. This country also hated by the people of Japan due to Incident of 1945 and also hated by the people of Europe most as USA considered itself most great and Superior country of the world therefore is most hated country of the world.

Most Hated Countries


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