Top 10 Most Luxury Cruise Ships in the World 2017


There are many things in the world that people want to visit and need to take ride on them for only sack of best experience in their lives, so there is wish of many people to travel on the cruise ships as these ships are very big, luxurious therefore most expensive too, cruise ships travel on the water but now days there are many features added therefore these are also much luxurious to travel on them.

Cruise ships are mainly used for passengers because it can take people from one place to another, so people travel on these ships for just enjoyment and getting luxurious experience. Larger cruises are mainly combination of lot of facilities which are including bars, gyms, rooms, restaurants, discos, party halls, swimming pools and many other facilities.

So here we have list of top 10 most luxury cruise ships in the world 2016.

10: Silversea Silver Shadow

Silver Shadow is most luxurious cruise which is now operated by Silversea cruises, this made in 1999 but launched in 2000 so from that time this cruise is in service, this cruise has great capacity of passengers as 284 people can easily travel on this, it has also biggest restaurant on this cruise that capacity of 424 people. This ship was prepared in Italy, this ship has greater capacity for passengers than that of any cruise of the world, each onboard suite has separate butler with refrigerator for snacks and drinks, these cruises are mostly used in Alaska and Asia, it has indoor and outdoor dining system.


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9: Seabourn Cruise Line: Seabourn Sojourn

Seabourn Sojourn is another luxurious cruise which is operated by Seabourn Cruise so this cruise is in service from 2010 after its completion; length of this ship is about 198 meters, according to the reports by company this is best entertainment point for the passengers therefore this is most luxurious ship of the world and people love to visit this. It has capacity of 450 passengers; it has also two big outdoor swimming pools, six bars, four restaurants and many cafes which have great capacity of 800 people dining at a same time, administration also provide sports facility for the lovers of sport.


8: Crystal Cruise; Crystal Symphony

Crystal Symphony is most famous and luxurious cruise of the world which is operated by Crystal Cruises line as this was made in Finland in 1995, this penthouse has very elegant and beautiful dining area, according to reports that, this cruise has travelled many countries and states of the world including Panama canals, New Zealand, New York, Ukraine, Qatar, Italy, Maryland and many other countries. So ships has beautiful restaurants, bars, clubs and swimming place therefore people love to visit from this cruise, it has total area of 982 square feet and floor to ceiling windows which made the scene of sea eye catching for visitors.


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7: Seabourn Cruise Spirit: Seabourn Spirit

Seabourn Spirit is also known as Star Breeze as this was made in Germany way back in 1989, the luxury ships mostly traveled between Africa and Europe, cruise is operated now by Windstar cruises, as in 2005 it was considered as best small cruise of the world. It was came in service in 1989 and rebuilt again in 2007 with greater facilities, Each of the ship’s 104 suites has either a private balcony or five foot wide window with open ocean views so this able travelers to travel with great comfort because this cruise provide lot of comfort in picture of restaurants of open area, cafes and clubs.


6: Regent Seven Seas Cruises: Seven Seas Navigator

Another most luxurious cruise of the world which is operated by Regent Seven Seas Cruises as this was entered in services in 1999 from Radisson Seven Seas Cruises; more than ninety percent of suits of these ships have their own verandas, this ship Seven seas Navigator is just smallest in size but extra large in facilities and luxury travelling, so it has capacity of 490 people that it enables all these people to enjoy full accommodation provide by this cruise. Every room in this ship is well decorated, has marble bathrooms, wide ocean views and spacious sitting room, it is also used as focal point for many movies including After the Sunset.


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5: Regent Seven Seas Cruises: Seven Seas Mariner

Seven Seas mariner is also most luxurious cruises of the world as these are also operated by Regent Seven Seas Cruises as this was the first ship of this kind all its suits has all balcony ship in the world therefore it was considered and awarded as the ship of the year in 2002. All rooms in this mariner are well decorated and equipped, this cruise has four restaurants of gourmet with open seating, it has 352 suites but staff to gust ratio is 1 to 1.6 which is amazing, it has capacity of about 700 guests therefore considered as largest ship from this company but each passenger is guaranteed of best experience while travelling in this ship.


4: Regent Seven Seas Cruise: Seven Seas Voyager

Seven Seas Voyager is another best and luxurious cruise which is operated by Regent Seven Seas Cruises as headquarter in Miami, Florida, this was also entered in service in 2003, main feature about this ship is that almost every cabin of all suits must have balcony. According to reports that in 2006 it was considered as the most expensive cruise of the world, it has similar size with Mariner, it has capacity of 700 passengers to accommodate them in their luxurious suits, and it is currently working in Singapore but also preparing their best cruises for Beijing and Hong Kong and even it exceeds the loftiest expectations for luxury in compare with other cruises.


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3: Paul Gauguin: m/s Paul Gauguin

The most mesmerizing ship which is operated by m/s Paul Gauguin cruises, this is called as smallest but most luxurious cruise, and this was completed in 1997 under the administration of Radisson Seven Seas Cruise but in 2006 these cruises came under Regent Seven Seas Cruises. This ship has more importance because it is designed to for its journey on small ports of French Polynesia and Tahiti as most of the ships cannot able to reach at these places , so about 70 percent of staterooms and suits of this ship have their own private balconies, it has capacity of more than 332 passengers to accommodate them.


2: Sea Dream Yacht Club: Sea Dream 1

Sea Dream 1 is another small but luxurious cruise which is currently operated by Sea Dream Yacht Club, this is also called as the Goddess of Sea because it is in service since 1984, there are lot of facilities provided by the administration of cruise which is including casino, Piano bar, pool bar, card room, library, water sports platforms, main dining room, golf simulator and spa. In short words, it offers all those facilities which is offered by Sea Dream 2, it mainly sail in all areas of Caribbean, more than 112 guest are accommodate by this cruise because it has smallest size than that of other cruises.


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1: Crystal Cruises: Crystal Serenity

Crystal Serenity are currently operated by Crystal Cruises so this is in service since 2003 as this is those cruises which can travel in every part of the world so there is no doubt in facilities of this ships therefore it is continuously on this position for last many years, in recent years it has also completed its redesign that made this ship more luxurious and amazing. It has included heated flooring, Italian marble mosaics with incredible features added in bathrooms and Televisions are also included in the vanity, it is also largest ships because it can sail from Vancouver to New York City in 28 days of travelling with 1700 passengers.