Top 10 Most Popular Sports In The World 2017


Sports are really necessary for human body to enjoy better health, so sport is usually known as competitive physical game or activity through organized or casual participation, improve or maintain physical fitness, understanding, ability, skills, aim to use, provide enjoyment to players or participants and also provide excellent entertainment for crowd or spectators.

In sports usually contest is between two teams in which both teams wants to surpass or wants domination on other so result in win of one team but in some games also provide tie games in which both are considered as winner.

So in this context annual leagues conducted in many countries but world cup of every game conduct after every four years in which more than ten teams participate to win the title of king in that game but how to proclaim about which game is more famous so it’s all depends on how many people watch which game in whole world.

So here is the list of top 10 most popular sports in the world 2016.

10: Golf

Golf is known as club or ball sport in which players use many clubs to hit the ball in various ways of holes of course in less number of shorts as possible, interesting to know that it is in which games those don’t require specific area to play this but instead of these now most played in areas which have lot of greenery. So this game is played on course with either nine or eighteen holes, each hole on that specific course must have a tee box from which to start and putting green containing the authentic cup so this sport is played worldwide but originated from Scotland so it has 390 million fans in the world but most played in Europe, Canada and United States of America so far known as less number of strokes game to got more points because individual game, it has different types of forms like Match play, stroke play etc.


9: American Football

As cleared from the name of game American Football, is most played in United States of America, Canada, also called as gridiron so this is also sport played between two teams of 11 players in each, it is played on the rectangular field with goalpost at each end so this is running game with oval shaped ball. American Football is totally different from ordinary soccer because in these game hands are also used, so team that has ball has to put goal by passing or running but other team has to defense and wants to take control on ball this football is originated from rugby game so first game of this football was played about 150 years ago in 1869 therefore it has almost 390 to 410 million fans but most are in United States of America now this is becoming most famous in Europe, North America and Japan.


8: Baseball

Baseball in another most popular sport in the world but mainly in United States because this is National Game of United States of America which is played between two team in of nine players each in which both teams take turns of batting as well as bowling. Batting team has to score more runs by hitting the ball with swung bat, man with the bat must reach at originated place safely by running clockwise on the pitch but other team has to throw ball on the batting place before reaching of batting man. This game was first played in the mid of 18th century in England which was brought by immigrants from North America so this game is played worldwide but most in Canada, United States, Japan, Dominican Republic, Cuba by more than 50 million people in the world.


7: Table Tennis

Table Tennis is most interesting game not only for players but also for spectators which is played under the roof, as this game is also known as Ping Pong which is played between two or four player with light weight ball which is hit by small paddle, game is played on the hard table which is separated by net. This game allows both players to throw ball to other side player by paddle with just one bounce so points are scored when both of players unable to return ball to other side under rules of this game, sport is very fast therefore requires quick response by both players. This game is played is played worldwide therefore governed by International Table Tennis Federation which was founded in 1926, this game is also Olympic game since 1988, game was sport was started about 150 years ago by Victoria England when they came in India in 1860s with 900 million people watch this sports.


6: Volleyball

Volley Ball is another interesting sport which is played worldwide but most in Asia, also played between two teams with six players each, both teams tries to score points by putting down ball on court of other team so because of its popularity considered as official program of Summer Olympics and also most famous sport in the world. Each court is separated by net, so it is known as three touch game, after service from one side, three players from other side involve so third players hit the ball so hard by his hand by jumping near net to pushing ball in other end in specific area of court to receive points otherwise if ball out of court in result of point of other team. Therefore around 900 million people watch this game in the world because this game is most popular in Australia, America and Europe but more prominent in Asia.


5: Tennis

Tennis is racket sport which is being played on either solid court or clay court, this sport is between one to one players or between team of two players therefore played by racket and a sphere rubber ball, both courts are separated by net between. The main object of this game is hit ball in such a way that other player will not able to valid return of ball so if player not able to valid return of hollow ball will not gain point while the opponent player will, this game is Olympic game which is played worldwide between in all types or levels of society of all age. This modern game is originated from Birmingham, England therefore many Grand Slams of this game played in a year including US open, Australian Open, Birmingham open and many more therefore around 1 billion fans of this game all over the world but this game most played in United States, Asia and Europe.


4: Field Hockey

Field Hockey which is also simply known as Hockey is most simple form of hockey family, as according to reports that it was early played in Scotland, England and also in Netherland; the game was early played on grass grounds but now on sold Turf. Every team consist of 11 player including a goal keeper that all players use a long stick whose length depends upon the height of players, as hockey is National game of many countries including Pakistan because Pakistan has won most number of World titles of this game, this is operated by Internationally by International Hockey federation. Uniform of players of Hockey is also much expensive because it consists of shin-guards, shoes, shorts, a mouth guard a jersey so about 2.2 billion fans exist, Hockey is most famous in Australia, Europe, Asia and Africa.


3: Basketball

Basketball is also most popular game which is played between two teams of 5 players each in a small rectangular court; object is that to goal in high mounted basket each end of court so for this game technique is most needed by players because basket is mounted on large height so players of big height preferred in Basketball. So players in this game have some position as strong players are known as centre or power forward so due to most fans of this game known as most famous sport in the world because also governed by National Basketball association so this was first played in Springfield in United States. According to estimate about 2 to 3 billion fans of Basketball because played worldwide including Canada, US, Philippines and China.


2: Cricket

Cricket is known as Bat and Ball game which is played between two team with 11 players of each in large ground that has wickets on pitch which has length 22 yards, stumps on each end of pitch, both teams attempts bowling as well as batting. The batting team score runs that opponent team have to chased, three kinds of formats cricket now exist One day, Test and most exciting T20, according to history of cricket that this was played in 16th century but first match was played between Australia and England in 19th century therefore this is known as Gentle’s man Game. One day has 50 over, test consist of 5 days in which 90 over per days but shortest format known as T20 which consist of 20 over of each team, world cup of cricket conducted after every 4 years in which more than 10 years play in sack of title so this game also have more than 3 billion fans which is most played in Pakistan, India, Asia and Australia etc.


1: Football/ Soccer

Football is most famous sport in the world because played worldwide which is played between two teams of 11 players each in large rectangular ground which consist of two goal polls either side of ground, in this game hand of players not involved. Object is to goal ball in opposite’s pole so there are many leagues of this game conducted almost in every country of the world but most in Spain, Germany and Brazil because this is National sport of many countries including Germany, Brazil, somewhat of England, it is also one of the historically sport in the world therefore this is known as most famous because it has large number of fans which are about 3.5 billion, but most famous in Europe, Asia, Africa and United States. World cup of Football conducted after every 4 years, it is played by 250 million people in all countries of the world.