Top 10 Most Popular TV Series In The World 2017


Today the life of people is so busy and fast therefore there is not consistent joy in their lives so their lives become boring so to increase joy in their live TV Dramas, Serials and movies are best because they provide little bit time of a person to relax and forget their worries which made their lives dull and boring.

These dramas and serials take away a person from the life of reality to the imaginary but seek the subject of real life that is necessary so there are many famous drama and TV series which linked thousands of men and specially women for not only months but also for so many years in which they seek the culture and traditions of the country also, some drama and TV series are seek realities of life which a person do not want to accept in this life which are also considered as best use of TV and some also lot of comedy also.

So here is the list of top 10 best TV series in the world of this year.

10: Empire

Empire is best TV Series of the year is also best in America as it is musical TV Show which was start in last year on January 7, interesting thing is that it is filmed in Chicago but this TV series is based on hip hop music which of New York and its central Areas and this is considered as family drama serials by Entertainment company. So this show was created by Danny Strong and Lee Daniels also by stars which are also in cast too Taraji P.Henson, Terrence Howard. So last year it starts its third season for this drama and cast of this TV series consist of Tyrese Gibson, Terrence Howard, Malik Yoba, Grace Gealey and many more therefore best and popular series.

TV Series

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9: Louie

Louie is also best comedy and popular American TV Series of this year which was started way back in 2010; this TV drama was created, directed, produced, written and also edited by multitalented one man army and best comedian of the world Louis C.K. He is also part of this drama serial too and also impressed very much by his best comedy acting and this shoe is directly connected with his life Story as is newly divorced man who is also raising her two daughters in New York City So this show is also got so much lovely and best reviews as well as feedback from its viewers which are so much impressed by acting of cast and specially comedy. Due to all these performances Louis also got many nominations for his writing and acting for best Awards so it is also most popular TV show too.

TV Series

8: The Good Wife

The Good Wife is also best TV series in world as it is also most watch by viewers of United States of America as it is also considered as most popular because it is now its 7th and final season which was also start last year in October 4. So it was not announced officially it would be its final season but it was announced in commercial during Super Bowl 50 and it is hoped that it would be end in this year in May so it is most popular because it is in its 7th season and people love all it seasons. Cast of this TV series consist of Julianna Margulies, Matt Czuchry, Alan Cummings Cush Jumbo and many more of this beautiful popular series.

TV Series

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7: Hannibal

Hannibal is also best and popular TV Series of America which is most thriller as well as horror drama which is create by Bryan Fuller and it is based on the Red Dragon whose characters are also based on this novel of Thomas Harris. This show also describes the relationship between FBI special investigator Dr. Hannibal, Will Graham and also forensic psychiatrist DR. Hannibal which wants to become most cunning enemy of Graham. The first of season of this series was consist of just 13 episodes and second also consist of 13 too and now it is in its third which shoes its popularity among all the people of the world but last year in June it was reported that the rating of this show slow down a bit but it improve therefore becomes most popular TV Series of this year.

TV Series

6: Broad City

Broad city is also best and most popular TV series of American TV which is created by Abbi Jacobson and llana Glazer as it is developed from their same name web series which was in full zoom between 2009 to 2011 so Amy Poehler is the executive producer of this drama which was also appeared in web series finale. This was considered as comedy whose first season was start in January 2014 but the third season of this drama start in February 17 this years and in short span of time become most popular drama series of the year. It is also reported that this drama has also nest two seasons too and famous cast of this series also consist of Abbi Jacobson and llana Glazer.

TV Series

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5: The Last Man on the Earth

The Last Man on the Earth is also popular TV serial of America which is also best comedy show of this season too, it is also in its third season as first season was started last year in March 1 and second season was starts in last year too but third season of this series is start recently in this Month on 24 and in this very short span of time it gain lot of popularity and fame that it is now most popular drama series which is also most famous in its fans viewers too so rating of this show is as much high that gives it 5th place in top 10 best and popular drama serials in the world 2016. In dramas it has been shown that in 2020 there is only man on the earth due to deadly virus which effect human on this earth. This series is created and starring by Will Forte.

TV Series

4: The Walking Dead

The walking Dead as clear from its name that is a best and amazing horror TV Series of America which was premiered last year in October 2015 and it is in its sixth season which is consist of 16 episodes which is also divide in two parts of 8 episodes each whose second part is just start on 14 February 2016. All seasons of these Dramas considered as best in TV dramas therefore also considered as best series of drama in this year so executive producers for this Show are David Alpert, Greg Nicotero, Tom Luse, Kirkman, and Gale Anne Hurd with Show runner for almost last three consecutive seasons. So nice cast and based on novel this horror show got lot of popularity therefore best in the world too.

TV Series

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3: Justified

Justified is also best and famous American TV Series Drama that is now in its final season which is sixth therefore considered as best and most popular TV Show on the year. All season of this drama were fantastic and most loved and watched by viewers and lover so final season of this drama was released last year in June, The series was developed by Graham Yost based on Elmore Leonard’s novels Pronto and Riding the Rap and his short story “Fire in the Hole” so the main characters of this Show Raylan Givens. This show was consist of about 13 episodes and about couple of years ago it was announced officially that the sixth and final season would be coming soon therefore Jonathan Tucker also play final 5 episodes of this drama Series therefore by its outstanding cast considered as best Shoe of the year.

TV Series

2: Orange in the New Black

Orange in a New Black is also best comedy drama of American TV Industry which is created by Jenji Kohan also produced by Tilted Production which has association with Lionsgate Television, is about the women prison for short time with sharing experience. This Drama Series is streamed on Netflix and most watched drama series on this that is why it is considered as best and most popular drama Series of the year. Orange is the New Black is no releasing its fourth and announced to have minimum seven season as first season of this series was start in 2013, second in 2014, third in June 11, 2015 and all seasons consist of about 13 episodes and now on June 17, 2016 they are now starting their 4th season as all seasons of this drama were outstanding therefore considered as most popular TV series of this year.

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1: Daredevil

Daredevil is most popular and best TV Series of Drams of America Industry which is mostly based on the same name of Marvel Comics which is followed by a blind lawyer who fights crimes at night. This is most thriller TV series of the year therefore it is most loved, liked and watched by all its lovers therefore it has given most lovely feedback’s so this season is produced by Marvel television which has association with ABC Studios. This is now in its second season which is start on 7 March 2016 in Paris but it is released on Netflix on 18 March this year as it has also 13 episodes of this season as like of first season. Critics also praised the cast as well as introduction to the second season of this series but in this season all of fans will have to missed Ben Urich and Wilson Fisk most in the first half of this season.

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