Top 10 Most Populous Countries In The World 2017


World is much vast so population of Earth is also in large number that is exceeds 7 Billion, so according to reports that are prepared by UNO that population of world will be more than 9.6 Billion in 2050 which is situation of wonder because unemployment is increasing day by day.

Further more that after fifty years of 2050 population will be expected 10.9 Billion. So it is been seen that majority of population increase in that countries which have lower income per capita and also least developed so in The Sub-Saharan African regions population is increasing more quickly.

so in Uganda, Republic of Congo, Afghanistan as well as in Nigeria women are still giving birth to more than 6 children but in countries which are developed and have great income per capita women give birth fewer than 2 therefore this shows that population has great effect on the economy of the country, So many countries trying their best to control population.

So here is top 10 most populous countries in the world 2016.

10: Japan

Japan is most developed country of the world as also larger producer of electronics devices; it is located in the East Asia which is most popular as Land of rising sun all over the world, this country has total population of about 127,110,000, interesting to know that population of this country now is less than that of in 2010. Because after 2010 birth rate was shockingly low therefore according to reports Japan was only country in which Government asked Public to increase population, it has third largest Income per capita as well as fifth largest country of exporter and importer in the world therefore this is an important country to live in with high profile living style residencies of the inhabitants so according to reports that population of this country will also decline almost one million per year in next decade also.


9: Russia

Russia is one of the largest countries in the world covering area about 6,592,800 sq mi as this country is also largest producer of weapons and also one of the greater super powers of the world, also leading constituent of Soviet Union. Russia is also rich in Energy resources and minerals with largest producer of oil as well as gas, as Russia is largest producer of arms therefore exported all over the world therefore permanent member of Security council of United Nation so considered as largest country with largest population of 144,221,341. 74 % of total population of this country lives in urban areas, known as largest country with more urbanization in the world therefore only country in which people are migrating from urban areas to rural area.


8: Bangladesh

Bangladesh is important country of South Asia which doesn’t have largest which is about 56,977 sq mi but included in countries of largest population which is 166,280,712, it has been considered next eleventh economy having significant human and social development since independence in 1971. This country has made progress in agriculture, education, industry as well as health, this country was part of Pakistan known as East Pakistan but separated from this country in 1971, also member of SAARC but this country has highest population density in the world so in this country 87 % of total population is of Muslims, 12 % Hindus and 1 % of all other religions, also one the largest peacekeeper security forces in the world.


7: Nigeria

The federal constitutional republic in West Africa Nigeria often called as Giant of Africa, also famous country for largest economy and population because this country has more than 180 million population, therefore considered country with largest population, as it has almost one sixth population of Africa. About 24 cities of this country has more than 100,000 population but interesting to know that this country has more youth population in the world, also has different cultures and languages due to difference in religion of people as Muslims have majority in this area. The country is also making progress industry as well as largest economy; Nigeria has experienced a population explosion for at least 50 years of its history because of high fertility rates so going to on the way of stability.


6: Pakistan

One of the largest and most populated country of South Asia with total population more than 191 million, covering area of 796,096 sq mi, as this is Sovereign country in South Asia that has several cultures, as country contains 4 provinces and Federal areas of Islamabad, 7 agencies including Fata, Pata areas. So it stands the emerging, growth leading economies which have medium industrialized economy with a well succeeded agricultural sector with largest producer of Sugar cane, Wheat and Rice. Pakistan is member of SAARC, also only Islamic country which is nuclear power; Karachi is most populous as well as largest city of the country including some other cities like Sargodha, Faisalabad, Swabi, Multan, Islamabad, Peshawar, Rawalpindi and Lahore.


5: Brazil

Brazil is largest country of both Latin America as well as South America with also largest area of 3,287,597 sq mi, therefore also has large population 204,451,000, considered as most populous country in the world, mega diverse nation that has unique environmental heritage, diverse wildlife, variety of ecological systems, extensive natural resources and vast tropical forest. Largest country in case of playing football but instead of largest population also has fast growing income per capita and economy, also known as emerging world power having regional power in Latin America, distribution of population in this country is also even in because mostly people live in area of just 300 kilometers therefore interior in the Amazon Basin is totally empty, population of this country is still increasing with high rate.


4: Indonesia

Indonesia is the largest Islamic country, a sovereign state in Southeast Asia, also most populous country in the world with total inhabitants more than 255 million, as this country is considered as home of hundred of native cultural and linguistic groups while largest politically strong ethnic group is Javanese. Despite of largest population in the world, country is also rich with mineral resources therefore known as stable country in comparison of all other countries of Asia, on the way of becoming stronger in income per capita but still there is poverty also. Most population of country is consist of youngsters so median age of this region is 28.2 years, this country has about 87.2 % of Muslims, 9.8 % Christians, 1.7 % of Hindus and instead of these some other people of other religions also exist .


3: United States

Federal Republic of United States consist of 50 States, five major territories as well as a federal district among other property located in central of North America between Mexico and Canada, due to most States this country has about population more than 323 million in which multi cultural nations passing their lives. The leader in scientific research as well as technological Innovations, United States of America is also one of the international concern and influential nation which is known as super power of world with prominent cultural force, largest urbanization country with 81 % inhabitants. In all more than 50 States Texas and California are most populated but New York is also considered as most populated, population of US increased rapidly because only 76 million in 1900 which increase up to 323 million in 115 years.


2: India

India is one of the largest countries of South Asia which has covered most area 1,269,346 sq mi in this region of world, instead of area, also has 2nd largest population in world which is just above than 1.27 billion therefore considered as most populated country of the world. India trying its best to raise its economy and also succeeded up to some extent but due to largest population poverty is also more in this country; the Federal Constitutional republic has about 29 states as well as 7 Union Territories which has multilingual, multi ethnic society and also pluralistic, making it most diverse nation in the world. New industry has effected positively in economy of this country but a lot has to done because more than 50 % of inhabitants live below poverty line but according to estimate India will surpass China in case of population in 2022 so population of this country will be 1.6 billion in 2050 expected.


1: China

China is most developed country of the in case of electronics, agriculture, industry as well as also most developed in population which is about 1.38 billion therefore considered as most populated country in the world, also covers largest area which is 9.6 million square miles. country is nuclear power, largest army, also largest economy, considered as regional power in Asia, known as potential super power not only in Asia but also in world and also largest importer as well as exporter of the Universe, instead of most population, country proved to be stable, powerful, in this country only one child policy is working therefore growth rate of population of country is just 0.47 %. China marked billion line in way back in 1982 as at time of independence population of country was about 583 million but country increased population from 1949 to 1982 so after one child policy, no sharp increase in population.