Top 10 Most Richest Countries of Asia in 2017


Asia is biggest in the world with respect to area, population and number of countries so it has also large no of wealthy countries in which some are also in the wealthy countries of the world. China is most successful country but couple of years ago grossing income of this country slow down a bit which expel it from top 10 wealthiest countries of the Asia.

To know about which country is on what rank then a person should know about some of features of this country but mainly is GDP of that country and report is almost of 200 economist of the world so the country which has highest Gross domestic product and lower population is considered as most richest country so population is also matters a lot in this calculation so according to survey GDP of some countries decline a bit for last couple of years that expel them from the list of wealthiest countries of Asia.

So here is the list to 10 most richest countries of Asia in 2016.

10: Bahrain

Bahrain is the richest country in Asia because of its strong currency which is second in world with respect to value as after 20th century this country has invested a lot amount in the field of tourism and banking which gives a lot of benefit. The capital of this country Manama is considered as house of financial structure and it has one of the most successful financial industries as in 2008 this country was considered as fastest growing country of the world. So Islamic banking and oil industry has benefited this country a lot to be most wealthiest country before the sight of world so petroleum production in this country gives most of exported and another which is most used also exported by this country is Aluminum and it is second in the world so due to all these success Bahrain is in most wealthiest and richest countries of Asia.


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9: Israel

Israel is also most wealthy country in Asia as it is considered as most advance country in field of technology development so according to reports it is in 18 most developed countries in the world as not only in Asia but also successful in Middle east countries so it has also got position and passed France and Austria. Israel has high income from the field of industry products and technology mainly of metal products, biometric equipment, chemicals, food items, medicines and most important electronic device. Israel has a great industry in the field of world and also one of finest diamond industry of polishing and cutting but this country is much poor in the field of natural resources instead of all it has strong income due to exporting all these products of its industry therefore also most richest and wealthiest country of Asia.


8: Japan

Japan is also most wealthy country of Asia as it is most developed country in the field technology and automobile so it has also healthy income from these sources therefore it is also 2nd of most developed country of the world and has a healthy economy. So according to reports of IMP it has household income more than 37,000 dollars as it has third largest industry in the field of automobiles production which is been exported throughout the world due to its great quality. Population of this country is also low as compare to its area so it is only country in the world whose Government has announced a special allowance on most population and asked to increase it s population so due to less population Japan is also richest country of Asia.


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7: Kuwait

Kuwait is also richest country of Asia due to its strong economy and currency of this country is most valued in the world and on 1st rank in this value as this country has great production of oil which is 10 % of the world reserved oil. So petroleum industry gives this country almost 95 % revenue and Government income so per capita income of this country id about 40 thousand as population of this country is also low which is just 2.2 million so it is been considered as most economical country with less population. So banking system of the country is also benefited for country with respect to Islamic banking and national bank of Kuwait is the largest bank of this country so due to fifth largest oil produced country of the world.


6: Taiwan

Taiwan is also wealthiest country of Asia due to its health GDP and Household income per house which is about 40 thousand dollars and economy of this country is growing day by day which is mainly due to its high GDP. It has also great success in the field of technology and industry which benefited this country very well so according to the reports of IMP it is also 15th country with most valuable income and currency in the world. The Government of the country has most owned banks in the world which is main reason of success of this country. Exports of the country is also increasing day by day due to its large industry which is private so due to all these reasons Taiwan is richest country of Asia and has a great name in the market of world.


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5: Brunei

Brunei is a small country with small population but it is fifth richest country in Asia because household income per house and capita of this country is about 55,200 dollars and most important is that it has nothing debt on public which is 0 %. Which is mainly because people of this country has great and healthy power of purchasing so it is considered as richest country in Asia as most of income of this country is from natural resources of natural gas and petroleum products which this country has owned so whole country is mostly supported by these industries. So Government of Country providing free medical, housing as well as free food for their citizens.


4: Hong Kong

Hong Kong is also richest as well as beautiful country of Asia and considered as financial house of the Asian countries as income per capita of the country is about 55,400 dollars so it is considered as most easy country for investment and business. So due to easy trade and business which is main reason of its great economy and healthy currency so it is most traded country in Asia. So it is most beautiful country and most of the businesses men visit this country in their leisure time for relax and business issues therefore trade of electronic devices got revolution in Hong Kong because this is depend most on international trade which is most source of their income so due to these reasons.


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3: Macau

Macau is also wealthiest country in Asia so it is third richest country with respect to its healthy GDP and income per capita which is about 59,500 dollars which is mainly due to that most of population of this country is business men and professionals it is also called as Los Vegas of Asian countries. Healthy income of this country comes from tourism of its beautiful places so it is almost crowded every time in a year with people for business which come for all over the world in sack of investment also. Instead of all these this country has also some natural resources as in 2001 this country has hit with large crisis of food crisis so it is mainly depend on China for food, fresh water but this country has recovered very well and soon in sack to be most richest country of Asia.


2: Singapore

Singapore is also wealthiest country of Asia as income per capita of this country is very great to see which about 64,500 dollars as main reasons of its healthy income is due it has been visited every year for more and more time due to most beautiful places in this country so tourism is main source of income for citizens of country so it is been considered as most friendly country for trade. Economy of this country is also open for world so it is also in the list of least corrupt countries in the world therefore it has third largest income per house in the world. Government of the country has also linked so many industries with them which give so much benefit not only private citizens but also Government too so income of Singapore is mainly due to investment of foreigner investors.


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1: Qatar

Qatar is the not the richest country in Asia but it also richest country in the world as income per capita of this country is most in the world which is about 98,820 dollars and it has also low population which is just over 2 million so citizens of this country are mostly business men and professional and they are millionaires as according to reports 95 % of the population of this country include migrated people who come here for the sack of business. So major sources of the country are oil and natural gas production so country got almost 85 % income of the country by just exporting oil and it has almost 5 % of Gas resources of the world and it is third largest all over the world with such gas resources so due to these resources and world’s highest gross domestic income in the world.


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