Top 10 Richest African Countries 2017


Everybody has desire to travel some beautiful places or countries of the world so in this vast Universe Africa is known as one of the beautiful continents therefore this has also some richest countries as that of other European or Asian countries, these are called so far as richest because soil of some of these countries is rich in oil producing.

So this continents is second largest in the world with respect to area after Asia which is biggest in the Universe, therefore about 54 countries are located in this region but as talk about population, this is also most populated too. But there are many poor countries too in this continent in spite of large natural resources so there is so much weak policy to utilize these resources so lot of work is required to maintain level of education and economics like that of countries in this list.

So here we have the list of top 10 richest African countries 2016.

10: Algeria

This Country is officially known as People’s Democratic Republic of Algeria which is located in North Africa on the coast of Mediterranean, as talk about the area of this country so it is also tenth largest country in the world because of its area which is 2,381,741 Square kilometers. Because of its development this is now known as second largest producer of oil in the world therefore so far known as richest country of the world. So income per capita of this country is also increasing nicely that is
$7500, its capital is Algiers which is also largest as well as most populated city of the country, as Algeria is consist of 48 provinces and known as one of the biggest Islamic country.

Richest African Countries

9: Namibia

Another rich and progressive country of Africa is Namibia which is so far known as Republic of Namibia officially, so this is located in the beautiful Southern part of the continent, its one border which is Western border meet with Atlantic ocean, this is also called as richest African country because this is also one of the biggest supplier of small minerals of all kind in every almost country. So this country has good level in respect of Income per capita that is $8200, this help country to progress lot in the fields of education with respect to other countries of Africa, it was initially part of South Africa but this country gained independence from that country in 1990 but able to maintain its Economy.

Richest African Countries

8: Tunisia

Beautiful country Tunisia which is an important country Africa present at in the Northern part of Africa so far Northern border is completely surrounded by Mediterranean Sea, this country is called as richest country of Africa because of tourism, manufacturing and most important industries of mining for this country is most famous all over the world. Therefore Income per capita of this country is about $9900 which is magnificent to see because country is making progress and called as developing area, initially was the part of France but got independence from that country in 1956, its capital name is Tunis from which name of the country is derived so there was revolution came in this country in recent years in 2011.

Richest African Countries

7: Libya

One of the most beautiful countries of Africa which is also situated in the Northern part of Continent, officially called as State of Libya, also surrounded by Mediterranean sea, with respect to area it is fourth largest country of African while 16th largest of the world and also one of biggest Islamic country. While like of other countries of Africa this is also biggest producer of oil in the world therefore called as richest country of Africa and due to trading to oil considered as one of prosperous countries in this region, so Income per capita of this country is about $11500, its capital as well as largest city in Tripoli which has one sixth population of the country.

Richest African Countries

6: South Africa

Popular country for travelers of the world is none others of South Africa because this country is also famous for its historical incident, officially known as Republic of south Africa, as with respect t to area of this country, it is known as 25th biggest country in the world, so total population of South Africa is 53 Million. This country is known as upper middle country therefore has mixed economy so far called as richest country of Africa therefore income per capita of this area is 11914 dollars because country has developed with great paced, as interesting thing about this country is that there are 11 official languages in this country which is highest in any country of the world.

Richest African Countries

5: Mauritius

Like that previous country in this list, South Africa this is also most famous country in the world for the travelers because this is also most beautiful country to visit, officially known as Republic of Mauritius which is located on the Southern part of Africa, the country got independence in 1968 and after that time Government has taken lot of appreciative steps to make this country as well as its Economy very strong among all countries of this continent so they are much succeeded in this because income per capita of this country is 16100 dollars therefore considered as Richest African country, this is small country with respect to area and population that is just over than 1.2 million.

Richest African Countries

4: Botswana

One of the fast developing and growing country of this continent Africa is Botswana, which got independence in1966 but able to maintain its position in this list of richest countries of Africa, this is land lock country which is located in the southern part of Africa, as according to reports that Economy of this region is only dominating due to its Mining of diamonds therefore known as richest country of Africa which has income per capita never less than that of 17101 dollars, as talk about the population of this country that is also appreciative just 2 million therefore this is also included in the fantastic growing countries not only of this region but also of the world.

Richest African Countries

3: Gabon

Gabon is considered in largest oil producer countries of Africa as country is located on the west coast Central Africa therefore just over the Equator, so its economy is mainly due to its oil production therefore this is called as richest African country, development index of this region is also fast but population is less which is just 1.5 million. Largest city of this country is Libreville which is also known as capital of country, initially it was the part of France but got independence in 1960, as this is richest country therefore has income per capita is $20612 which is growing with the speed of 6% every year which tells us the evidences of development in the country.

Richest African Countries

2: Equatorial Guinea

Equatorial is one of the smallest countries of this region which is also smaller in population that is just 0.7 million till some years earlier but according to population in this year which is just over 1.23 million but greater in income per capita therefore considered as richest country in Africa. Country is considered as richest in this area but government is called as Worst of Worst. Spanish is official language of this country because got independence in 1968 from Spain so income per capita of this region is about 23370 dollars which is excellent to see despite of bad governess because clean water is also major problem of this country as more than half population has no availability of clean water.

Richest African Countries

1: Seychelles

Smallest country of the Africa but called as richest not due to its income per capita but also due to its beauty because country is composed of more than one hundred Islands so population of this country is not more than 92,000, main resources of income for the people of this country is large number of resorts and hotels so income per capita of country is $25229 which is largest in this continent Africa. Total area of this country is not more than 1500 Square kilometers, so Seychelles has got independence from United Kingdom in 1976 and its capital named as Victoria that is largest city of the country.

Richest African Countries