Top 10 Richest Korean Pop Stars In The World 2017


Music is always considered as most precious hobby in relax time because this is able to make man active, so music has very old history, as in ancient times classic music was so famous but as time pass there is also development in music industry too.

Pop Music Americans surpass every country therefore they have tour of whole to increase popularity of pop music therefore most of people don’t know pop stars except of Americans therefore there are many other pop stars of many countries that are not only famous in their countries but also in the world.

Korean Pop stars are also famous because they are ideal of millions of fans around the world so they are called as leading pop stars in Asia so they also earn lot amount due to their popularity.

10: Lee Ji- Eun

Lee Ji Eun is leading pop musician of Korea as she is famous by her stage name IU, she is considered as Multi talented because she is not only pop star but also Songwriter, TV presenter, dancer, Guitarist and also beautiful actress but known worldwide as leading singer. She was born on 16 May 1993; she made commercial success by her single album Boo which was at top position in just three weeks, after this success she her nest album Real was at number 1 position on Korean Goan Digital Chart for five weeks which made records for being number one for most weeks so instead of singing she also hosted many Shows on Radio and Television including her own acting in Drama Dream High therefore in her less age she made large amount due to her popularity so she has total net worth about 15 Million Dollars.


9: Choi Seung Hyun

Choi Seung Hyun is another known personality of Korea, he was born on 4 November 1987, known by her stage name T.O.P, he is also famous rapper, Singer, actor as well as songwriter that he is also member of Korean Boy Band Big Bang so after joining this band he gave large number of hits in group and in Single. Therefore he is known as one of the leading pop star of Korean music industry, this band has sold more than 600,000 album copies in 2012 therefore known as most demanding and leading band in the world because they also won album of the year Award. Instead of acting he also appeared as actor in many movies including Nineteen, I Am Sam, Commitment, Iris and 71: Into the Fire so he has large amount of Net Worth about 15 million dollars.


8: Park Jeong Su

Park Jeong Su is known commonly by his stage name Leetuek, he was born on 1 July 1983, is called as leading Singer, actor and Songwriter, he is also member of Korean pop boy band Super Juniors as well as sub groups of this group Super junior-H, Super Junior-T. He was picked up for this stage after giving audition for SM Entertainment which is known as Starlight Casting System, before reaching this position he joined many other bands but most successful with Super Junior because this band produced many super hits of the world therefore fans are increasing day by day. Sixth album of this group which was named as Sexy, Free and Single was Mega super Hit because they sold 570,000 copies worldwide, also won Artist Group Award therefore he has made large amount of net worth.


7: Goo Hara

Goo Hara is also famous actress as well singer of Korea, she was born on 13 January 1991 as she is most famous by due to her singing instead of acting, she is former member of Famous Korean pop girl group Kara, she released her debut album Alohara in 2014. She is also famous Shopping mall model because she gained attention after her photos were uploaded on the official site of Shopping mall, she released her mini album in early 2008 named as Honey but album became number 1 in on Korean Goan Digital Chart. She also appeared as actress in her debut movie City Hunter in which she appeared as character of President’s Daughter so she also appeared as dancer in video of songs, in 2013 she was appeared as Blood donation ambassador of Hanmaum Blood Bank so she has large bank balance therefore included in this list.


6: JYJ

JYJ is most famous pop music group of Korean which was established in 2010 by Jaejoong, Yoochun, and Junsu, three member of this group so name of group taken by taking first latter of every member name. Few days of after formation in April 2010 they released their first album which topped the Oricon Albums Chart of Japan, so after their first commercial success released first full length album IN Heaven which was released in 2011 so this album also most successful because it was declared number one on the Korean Gaon Album Chart, after their great they got attention of Media and newspaper therefore they got invitation to perform in Chile as well as Peru. So earn huge amount of money from their album, function in different countries because they have about 20 million of net worth.


5: Im Yoona

Im Yoona is most famous personality of Korea as she was born on 30 May 1990, she is leading Korean actress as well as singer, she is now permanent member of South Korean Girls group of singers and she also appeared in many TV Dramas including Love Rain, Cinderella Man, You are my Destiny, Zhao yun, God of War, Prime Minister and I. she is known as central figure of her group because she is also known as one of the most beautiful singer in her country, according to reports that she made more money than that of her group mates because before her joining to Girls Generation she was also signed with SM Entertainment for 7 Years so in 2012 she worked in more than 20 ads so she has large expensive house, vehicles for personal use and also large amount in her bank account, she has also received life time achievement award therefore also known as Cinderella of Korean Industry.


4: Kwon Boa

Kwon Boa is also popular singer of Korea which is stylized by her stage name Boa; she was born on 5th November 1986 as she is not only singer but also actress and songwriter, so she has also made her name in Japan therefore she is known as Queen of Korean Pop music. She is discovered by SM Entertainment because after getting training of two years she released her first album single in 2000 only in age of 13 years, she is known as one of the first pop stars from Korea which breakthrough in market of Japan after restrictions of export and import relaxed between these countries. So in her professional career till now she has sold over 10 million records therefore she has great amount in her bank because she has owned a house of 2 million dollars, she is also able to speak English, Japanese as well as her native Korean language.


3: Choi SiWon

Choi SiWon is also multi talented actor, songwriter as well as famous singer of Korea, He was born on 7 April 1986, he is also member of famous South Korean boy band Super Junior, he is also in first four artists from South Korea that appear on Chinese postage stamp so he is known as super guy in her band group. He is as much popular that he has more than 3 million followers on Twitter, he is now work on many project as a Singer and Actor, so he is well known personality of Asia because he performed in many countries of Asia like China, Thailand, Taiwan as well as Korea. He is also one of the owners of Hyundai Department therefore his family is known for immense wealth because his father was also CEO of Boryung Medience; he also worked in movies as actor.


2: Kwon Ji Yong

Kwon Ji Yong is better stylized by his stage name G Dragon as he was born on 18th August 1988, he is not only singer but also rapper, fashion icon, record producer and songwriter, before his debut as professional singer he got training for six years then he debuted as member of Big Bang Group of his country. His first album Heartbreak was released in 2009 which was proved to be successful and sold more than 200,000 copies of this album so by this he received Mnet Asian Music of the year Award; he is also involved in fashion icon, modeling due to his good look. He was also considered as most influential man from Arena Magazine, he has luxury expensive house, car collection therefore he has is called as popular personality not only of his country.


1: Park Jae Sang

Park Jae Sand is known and Stylized by his Stage name PSY, he is multi talented because he is not only singer but also record producer, songwriter and rapper, he is most famous for his performances on stage. He got more popularity in the world by his famous single ‘Gangnam Style’ referred as Open Gangnam Style which was considered as most famous quotation of the year 2012 as this song gathered 1 billion hits on the YouTube, he is known as Jack of all trades because he works on many projects simultaneously. According to reports that he got success overnight therefore known as richest Korean pop star therefore he has made money from YouTube so there is no doubt in that he is king of YouTube so he net worth about 25 million dollars, he is nominated for many award and also received many of them.