Top 10 Sexiest & Hottest Chinese Actresses In 2017


China known as the fastest developed country and advanced technologies is famous all over the world. To measure the beauty of any women isn’t possible because it didn’t relate to style, attitude and fashion but it is kind of attraction that seduce anyone within no time but with this when women also so hot and sexy then no chance to relate and measure.

When we talk about the sexiest women of the China we are considering those women which are famous and known by the people or we may be talk about the Celebrities of the China. To rank the most beautiful and sexiest Women in the China is same as to pick up the sparkling and fresh from the sea.

There are plenty of beautiful sexiest women of the China that are so much Sexiest that it is very difficult for us to arrange the order of top 10 sexiest actress of China.

So here is the list of Top 10 Sexiest Actress of China in 2016.

10: Crystal Liu Yi Fei

Crystal Liu YI FEI is also so much famous beautiful as well as sexiest actress of China as she was born on 25 August 1987 as birth name of this actress was An Feng and legal name LIU Ximeizi. She is also considered as multi talented because she is singer, model and also actress and she has also dual nationality that other of United States of America. Her father was a Government Officer and mother was dancer and she was also famous too. She went to United States in 1997 therefore she has nationality of that country but she came back her country after five years in 2002 and on her coming back to China she started her career as model and actress therefore she is now considered as star of China film industry and also famous for her bold acting so she is considered as sexiest actress in China.


9: Barbie Hsu

Barbie Hsu is also famous, beautiful and sexiest actress in China cinema industry as she was born on 6 October 1976 as she is older sister of Dee Hsu as she works in this industry but she is from Taiwan and best known for her work in Taiwan as Shan Cai in drama that was also full hit therefore she is also known as sexiest actress. She is famous both is acting as well as in singing as she has also great name in singing therefore everyone in country knows her and considered her as sexiest actress due to her look and style of acting. She also appeared in movies too and her debut movie was The Ghost Inside but most successful career is that of singing.


8: Cecilia Cheung

Cecilia Cheung is beautiful and sexiest actress of China film industry as she was born on 24 May 1980 as she is not from China as she is also best and famous actress of Hong Kong and also award winning actress. She is also multi talented actress as she is also best and famous singer as she is ex wife of Nicholas Tse and from her she has two sons. She started her career by working in advertisement videos and commercials, she started acting in 1998 and she was most successful in 2008 when she got opportunity to work with Stephen Chow because after that she was seen in everywhere in media. it was her era therefore due to her classic look and bold work she is also considered as sexiest actress of China.


7: Zhang Xin Yu

ZHANG XIN Yu is also known as most beautiful, cute and sexiest actress of China Film Industry as she was born on 28 March 1987. She is also model, singer as well as actress as she start her career by working on small banner in many serials which include Banner and many others but after the release of ‘If Yu are the one2’ she made her way to success as she was highest rating actress of that time so was only actress that was so famous on her debut film so she was also considered as best name of sexiest actress as by her classic look and she is also as so beautiful naturally so she is well known name in sexiest and famous actresses of their cinema industry.


6: Gao Yuanyuan

Gaoyuanyuan is also famous name in most sexiest and beautiful actresses in China cinema Industry so she was born on 5 October 1979 as she is also so much cute and innocent by her face. She also graduated from drama Institutes but she has also God Gifted acting talent as she started her career by working in advertisement and started her acting way in 1997 by her minor role in Spicy Love Soup but in year 2002, she played the leading role of Zhou Zhiruo in The Heaven Sword and Dragon Saber, a television series adapted from Louis Cha’s novel of the same title and therefore she is considered as sexiest actress therefore she is most famous till today.


5: Fan Bingbing

Fan Bingbing is also famous, beautiful and sexiest actress in her cinema industry of China as she was born on 16 September 1981 and considered as multitalented because she is not only actress but also producer of dramas and also famous pop singer of her country. She is also considered as beauty queen of her country also because she also topped many time lists of most beautiful actresses of china but in 2015 and this year she named as also sexiest actress of China. She started her in 1998 and became most famous and successful earlier in short span of time especially when she started acting in movies instead of all these she also worked in many movie and dramas therefore well known actress of her country.


4: Kitty Zhang Yuqi

Kitty Zhang Yuqi is also best looking and sexiest actress of China film industry which was born on 8 August 1986 as commonly known as Kitty Zhang as she made her success in major role of in CJ7 and after this she got and attract media toward herself as she started her career in movie The Longest Night in 2007 as she was minor in character in this movie and then she appeared in advertisements and then picked for movie nest year therefore she is considered as most successful new actress of China Film Industry and also sexiest due to her sexy look in different movies therefore after her playing lead role in Cj7 she made her better step in best actress in China.


3: Jiang Qinqin

Jiang QINQIN is also famous and sexiest actress of industry as is sometimes credited as Shui Ling a stage name given to her by Taiwanese writer Chiung Yao while she was involved in the production of the television series Tears in Heaven. She was born on 3 September in 1975 as she looked ever sexy whether she is on television or on other celebrations as she is now about forty but she has maintained herself very well and she look even so young in this age too. In 1997 she starred in Tears in Heaven, an adaptation of a novel but she also played some tragic rolls too in many movies till now and some romantic bold acting therefore considered as sexiest actress of her film industry.


2: Zhang Ziyi

Zhang ZIYI is also a famous name in china as she is most successful as well as sexiest actress of their film industry which was born on 9 February 1979; she played her first ever major role in 1999 in movie The Road Home but she received most fame by her working Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon and by this she received nomination in best supporting role female instead of these some movies she also appeared in many other movies Rush Hour 2, Hero and House Of Flying Daggers and she became most successful too after acting in these movies and she was also considered sexiest actress of the industry and she is also best dancer of her Cinema industry.


1: Jing Tian

Jing Tian is also in most beautiful, cute actresses but she is also now considered as sexiest start actress of China Film Industry which was born on 21 July 1988 and she graduated from Beijing dance and Film Academy but she gain fame and be one of the successful actress after working and roles in The Warring States, Special ID, and Police Story 2013. So in short span of time she is considered as top sexiest position by her bold acting in movies and earn great success so now a days beauty has also vital role in professional acting for females actresses and she has god gifted beauty therefore she is beautiful with great talented actress in her.