Top 10 Unique and Luxurious Hotels in The world 2017


Everybody wants to live in those place which give them luxury and pleasure, therefore they tend to stay in model and beautiful hotels in which rooms are much luxurious, expensive too.

Hotel are declared make listeners undertake that these are the kind of luxury hotels everybody should hope to stay at but the palms and Westin may be four and five stars hotel therefore they cannot hold a simple candle to these beautiful and luxury hotels.

These unique and luxurious hotels are possibly no visitor to the rich and famous, but to conventional society, they’re nothing short of complete pleasure and reduction therefore some of hotels of world are as much expensive that any person is not able to visit and stay so everybody has their own preference and choice of hotels which can afford these expenses.

These hotels are great source of pleasure for those who want to stay outside their houses and want to relax their selves. So here is list of some luxury hotels of the world.

10: The Golden Nugget, Las Vegas

The Golden Nugget, Las Vegas is some kind of Unique and Luxurious Hotel in the world due to its location and service of staff is well as all things are much luxurious and managed. Due to its location in city it is considered luxury because it is situated in middle of city because there is a great hustle and bustle in this city but when guests enter in this place they feel that this concept is wrong because it is totally off to the concept of the people. Main facilities of this hotel included swimming place which is much big so charges of this hotel due to its luxury also as its maintainace which is starting from $50 per night for the visitors.

Luxurious Hotel

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9: Boscolo Exedra Roma, Rome

Boscolo Exdra Roma, Rome is also more beautiful and unique hotel in this world as this hotel was open in 2003 is so comfortable place for those who wants to visit Rome. This hotel is located in the middle of city and called heart place of Rome so visitors of this city can enjoy in this luxury 5 star hotel in building of 18th century. Not only does this hotel provide panoramic views of Rome, but it’s between the Baths of Diocletian and the Basilica of Saint Mary of the Angels designed by Michelangelo in late 18th century as visitors and travelers who wish to be immense in rich history of city and great cultural country so it can find these in Boscolo Exedra in Rome. Charges of this hotel per night is more than $250.

Luxurious Hotel

8: Treehouse Point, Washington State

Treehouse Point is a unique stylish and luxurious hotel in the world as it is located on the trees that’s why it is known by the name Treehouse, the scenes from the tree house is natural when the visitor rest in the hotel. This hotel was firstly made by Pate Nelson who had been building the tree house when he was only 20 years due to his wonderful hard working work he complete this task in 2005, he also said that he build his first tree house with his hammer and screwdriver when he was only five years old and Tree-house Point is located 22 Miles from Seattle on the Raging River as it is the distinctive treehouse in which Fairytale Forest Setting, ideal for weddings, elopements, and romantic gateway of every kind.

Luxurious Hotel

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7: Hotel De Glace, Quebec

Hotel De Glace, Quebec is the first and only the hotel made of true ice located in the North America as it is fully made of snow it has the capacity of 44 room that was totally made by real snow that shows the true nature rating of 3 star. The hotel had a great opening in New Year’s Day in 2001, after the 13th season the official’s statistics reported that a million of visitor and over 43,000 overnight guest stay here but after only two years it hosted near about 70,000 tourist in the hotel. The Hotel De Glace is also known as Ice Hotel impressed the visitors by its dazzling décor and build by fifty worker in about a month and a half its facilities included indoor heated washrooms and hot tubs outdoor.

Luxurious Hotel

6: Poseidon Undersea Resort, Fiji

Poseidon Undersea luxury Resort is the first see floor underwater five star resort that is located on a private island in Fiji first slated to open in September 2008 build by the continuous hard work of 13 years that have a capacity to host the 150,000 guest at a time. There is also an undersea wedding chapel and treatment rooms and also have a private plane of the Resort to send or receive the guest from Nadi International Airport that is located on the main island of Viti Levu. The rooms of the resort are featured twenty four 51 meter square guest room alsothe engineers of the United State submarines incorporated the safety system found in the subs.

Luxurious Hotel

5: Grotta palazzese Hotel, Italy

Grotta Palazzese Hotel is located in Southern Italy situated 24 meter above from the sea level, the inhabitants are called Polignanesi and the town is famous for the blue transparency of the sea perched on the top of the limestone cliff have four star rating. The main facilities of the hotel is listed as 25 guestrooms, Restaurant and bar/lounge, Rooftop terrace, Airport shuttle, 24-hour front desk and air conditioned etc… A market is held along the rue on Thursday and also the cliff attract the high flying divers who described the place to jump from the height of about thirty meters as the height is thirty meter Polignano hosted a platform for the high-flying dives.

Luxurious Hotel

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4: Kakslauttanen Igloo Village, Finland

Kakslauttanen Igloo is located in Saariselkä village located in the mountainous Northern area of Finland a popular destination of the tourists that provides a unique and wonderful experience. The Arctic resorts is basically divided into two village, one is known as East that is the older one and the other is known West which is newer, Kakslauttanen Igloo west village offers log cabin of 60 m2 made of kelo wood accommodation with facilities of cooking, seating place and fireplace, the cabin of the igloo is made of thermal glass and well-equipped with a kitchen, sauna, shower and toilet almost six to ten people easily rest in the igloo. The temperature is consistent even if the temperature of the outside is minus 40.

Luxurious Hotel

3: white pod Hotel, Switzerland

White pod hotel is made of geodesic domes 22 km away from the wine museum. White pod is the collection of uber-cosy tents that have igloo shape that have a high technology eco camp for just only 30 guests situated 1700 m high from the Swiss Alps that left a little mark on the environment but left a great mark in eco-tourism, its high technology challenge of creating an ecofriendly way of catching up with yourself in the natural beauty of Alps. In winter, the snow-shoe walking to husky sledding is the activity of the people but the activities in summer is different, summer activities are hike in the meadows and mountain bike. The pods are very luxurious and surprisingly specious and unbelievably beautiful in its nature.

Luxurious Hotel

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2: Cocoa island By Como, Maldives

The Cocoa Island is the small Island Northeastern of Indian ocean part of the Yangon Region of Burma, it is the most beautiful, precious and luxury hotel its rooms arc out of the Island as the each room of the hotel has its own terrace the guest of the hotel took a charm to watch and slip into the warm Maldivian Sea also in the late night that’s why it is considered the amazing and luxurious hotel in the world. This hotel offer the best dinning because the menus are modern and steeped of the south Indian cuisine, the ever popular cuisine is the healthy COMO Shambhala cuisine but the other dishes are also very delicious, it like to eat like a cast way and Dine beside the infinitely pool and the sea.

Luxurious Hotel

1: Burj Al Arab Jumeirah, Dubai

Burj Al Arab Jumeirah is the five star luxurious resort near from the Mall of Emirates 4 km away situated on its island, its sail shaped silhouette more than just stunning hotels of all over the world. This hotel is awarded many times the best most luxurious hotel and a symbol of modern Dubai, it has the facility of a private reception on each floor and also the third world tallest hotel in the world, the fireworks launch from the bridge when the VIPs arrive the hotel. The beach front area of the Burj Al Arab Jumeirah was previously called the Chicago Bridge, the whole building designed by multidisciplinary consultancy Atkins and the Canadian engineer Rick Gregory managed the construction.

Luxurious Hotel

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