Top Taliban Leaders Among 67 Reported Killed In Herat Infighting: Media Reports


Kabul: After long time, fierce clashes erupted between two Taliban groups in Herat Province in which almost 67 fighters killed along with two senior commanders, Taliban also attacked on a police headquarters.


According to a news report, two Taliban made big fight with each other in Herat Province almost 67 terrorists killed along with two senior criminal recorded commanders but the reason of that fight still unknown. Last day, Taliban also attacked on intelligence and police headquarter with developed weapons in result of that 7 officials departed from that life and more than 10 got serious injuries.

Senior government official told that skirmish was took place after announcing his own faction clash by commander named Mullah Akhtar Mansour with followers of another leader Mohamed Rasool in result of that clash 67 Taliban killed along with two senior commanding officers.

Taliban increased severe attacks on local security offices or all other forces for getting control of whole region but still complexity remain constant by these groups. Early in last morning, fight between Khak-i-Afghan and Arghandab occurred in which almost 67 fighters executed but cause of that clash was unknown.

A security official Islam Gul Seyal gave remarks including Afghan rival groups also rejected the authority of Omar’s successor named Mullah Akhtar Mansour and called for new commander so, clashes erupted in result of that in which more than 50 warriors killed on the spot and many were damaged in Herat Province.

NATO and all other security forces want to decrease Taliban attacks in Afghanistan for increasing peaceful environment but another big jihadist group named Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant (ISIS) introduced also cooperated with Taliban groups against American forces.

In those days, government is trying to make delegations with Taliban groups in search of peace that’s why many unknown powers did not want that type of change.