Top Ten Famous French Companies


Sixth largest economy all over the world is of France. Reserved currency at second position out of world’s largest reserve currency is Euro, after U.S dollars world now recognize Euro, the most important currency and this all happened because of the hard work French companies who flourished their economy in such an astonishing way that now whole world want to follow their footsteps to prosper in every field of life. France industries has revolutionized the world in almost every field of life such as civil engineering, automotive innovations, outdoor advertising, ship building technology, chemical industry, railway sector development, shipping, nuclear energy, tourism, water management, tourism, cosmetic, luxury goods , airlines and pharmaceutical companies. Recession is everywhere in world but French authorities still invested in research and development and infrastructure and they made their countries favorite place regarding tourism for all the people all over the world. French authorities are famous that they provide everyone the astonishing ways to start any business because of their stock market performance, investor protection, and property rights, innovations, and technology and taxes relaxation to some extent. These all are the reason because of which France government is different from European countries and they provide better opportunities. In this article I am going to write about top ten famous French companies and their success story.


top ten famous French companies
Market value: $43.9 billion
Revenue: $52.3 billion
This organization was founded in 1991 and still it is one of the famous French companies. It’s headquarter is located in Paris, France. In Telecommunications Industry Orange S.A has remarkable name and this multinational organization has 247 customers all over the world. Not only in France it is also one of the famous internet services providers in Africa and Europe and it is the largest mobile selling industry. In African market Orange S.A has introduced mobile money and this has made many customers in this organization. In Poland, Orange has introduced Mobile banking. In short, Orange S.A has revolutionized the whole Africa and Europe by his innovations.

9. Carrefour

top ten famous French companies
Market value: $25.2 billion
Revenue: $101.2 billion
In France this organization is known by name of “Cross roads”. Defforey families and Badin founded this organization in 1959 while its first store made its inauguration in 1958 in Annecy, France. After Walmart it is on 4th position regarding revenues. This organization operates in five formats listed as follows and this organization is one of the famous French companies:
• E-commerce
• Cash n carry markets
• Supermarkets
• Hypermarkets
• Convenience stores
Because of the above operations this organization has made his name in French market. Across 34 nations this organization has 10,800 stores. Middle East, Asia, Latin America and Europe, everywhere Carrefour has opened its stores and provided services regarding fuel, package pick-up and ticketing services.


top ten famous French companies
Market value: $52.4 billion
Revenue: $80.5 billion
European Aeronautic Defense and Space Company (EADS) is one of the famous French Companies. This company is famous for providing its services regarding air bus, Air bus Defense and Space and Air bus helicopters. This company has brought revolutions regarding services and value-chain optimization and they driving globalization so that they get leadership of Space and Defense market and commercial Aeronautics.

7. L’Oréal group

top ten famous French companies
Market value: $106.6 billion
Revenue: $29.9 billion
This company was founded when a chemist named Eugene Schueller invented a hair dye formula “Aureale”. This means that L’Oréal group which is currently one of the famous beauty brands was actually founded in 1909. Regarding beauty products and cosmetics this company has remarkable name all over the world. This organization now operates in 130 nations and worldwide they have 71 distribution centers. This Organization has43 factories in which they manufacture beauty products. In 2014 they registered 501 patents and this thing depicts their devotion and dedication in research field regarding beauty products.

6. EDF

top ten famous French companies
Market value: $46.3 billion
Revenue: $96.7 billion
Regarding electric utility this company is one of the market leaders. 1700 small energy producers brought nationalization and founded this electric production company in 1946. This company is so much devoted to its work that they are providing services regarding electricity to 38.5 million customers. According to 2014 survey this company has produced 623.5 TWH of energy. This company is doing remarkable innovations regarding research, optimization and electricity generation.

5. GDF Suez

top ten famous French companies
Market value: $49.5 billion
Revenue: $99.1 billion
Currently GDF is known by name of “Engie” and this organization hasremarkable name in field of electric utility production. Natural gas, power and energy services are the ultimate terms in which this organization is working. Independent leading power producer all over the world regarding electric power production is noother thanGDF Suez. This organization is famous from production from renewable resources such as wind power, bio gas, and hydropower, bio mass and solar power.

4. Sanofi

top ten famous French companies
Market value: $136 billion
Revenue: $44.8 billion
Founded in 1994 this company is global leader regarding Health care and is one of the famous French multinational companies. Animal health, Pharmaceuticals and human vaccines are the fields in which this company is doing advancements. According to research regarding revenues this company is on the 4th leading pharmaceutical company all over the world. From traditional drugs this company is doing innovations and creating biotechnological medicines.

3. BNP Paribas

top ten famous French companies
Market value: $78.4 billion
Revenue: $124.5 billion
Leading national and banking service provider is no other than BNP Paribas and headquarter of this company is located in Paris. Banque National De Paris and Paribas merged themselves and then in 2000 they laid foundation of this organization and now this is one of the famous French companies. Institutional banking, retailing, corporate banking, debt management and core businesses are now being done by this organization. This banking sector is a good mean of investing not only in France but also in India, London, and Luxembourger, Italy and Belgium and many other countries.

2. AXA

top ten famous French companies
Market value: $64.2 billion
Revenue: $153.8 billion
Axa is one of the leading multinational organizations which are providing services regarding banking, investment management and insurance sector. To spell word AXA across numerous nations they chose this word and now this name has done remarkable innovations in France Industry. All over the world they have 103 million clients. This organization also won the title of Global Insurance Brand all over the world and this thing is really amazing and now it must be clear to everyone that how French companies has made their worth all over the world.

1. Total

top ten famous French companies

Market value: $120.2 billion
Revenue: $211.4 billion
Total is the best oil supplying brand all over the world and it’s headquarter is located in France. Total came into being when French Prime Minister urged that their government must have independent oil company and then in 1904 after World War I Total laid their foundation. Petrochemicals, offshore projects, refining and upstream are the services regarding oil supply which is being supplied by this organization. Not only oil products Total are manufacturing pesticides and chemicals and supplying all over the world and this is the reason Total is one of the top ten famous French companies.