Top Ten Most Expensive Pen Brands in the World 2017


Pen is most essential and essential need of every person of the world in his life because when a person wants to learn write, he always choose best pen for improved writing, so in this world people use different kind and brand of pens in which some are affordable but some are much expensive that these are only bought by richest persons of the world.

Therefore many people are conscious about choosing best and luxurious pens, some people buy these expensive brands of pen for the sack of their status but some choose these pens just for beautiful writing so for this purpose they spend their lop of money on these expensive pens, according to research it is claimed that, writing shows the feeling of a writer, so these pens help people in getting every kind of education because pen is necessary part of study.

So here we have list of top 10 most expensive Pen brands in the world 2016.

10: Crew 60th White Gold Tebaldi Fountain Pens ($43,000)

Crew 60 Tebaldi is most beautiful and luxurious enclosure in the history of pens; this is manufactured by most prominent automobile company Bentley with the collaboration of fold Maker Company of Italy, Tebaldi, this pen is totally made of 18 K white gold with nib is also of this gold too. Despite of gold, cap is also made of such an expensive material but this also has very strong grip with body of the pen. The back space of ink is also transparent therefore user can easily see ink, it has price almost $43,000 and also available in very limited number because company has made only 80 pens of this brand.


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9: Gaia High Luxury Fountain Pen ($43,000)

Gaia High is another most luxurious fountain pen which is made by Omas, the internal part of the pen shows an interest and curiosity of the man because whole internal part is also made of 18K gold, body of the pen is also decorated with expensive crystals which increase the beauty of this masterpiece. So use of white gold and crystals make this pen more precious in the world therefore price of this pen is $43,000, this is available in the market is dark gray color with the combination of silver as there is also different kind of painting on the enclosure of pen.


8: Marte Omas Pen ($43,000)

Marte Omas is most specific pen because it is specially made on the order of any person as the brand not only offer this kind of fountain pens but also roller ball pen with many kinds of luxurious style pens, it has map of mars but made of pure gold therefore it is consist of paintings of many deserts, mountains made on the body of this pen. To increase the beauty of this pen, it is also equipped with more rubies, more interesting to say that the cap of this pen is purely made of diamond therefore it has price about $43,000, this product is also available in limited numbers because only 30 pens of this kind made by the company.


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7: Visconti the Forbidden City H.R.H Fountain Pens ($50,500)

Visconti the Forbidden City is no doubt and really luxurious style pen because this pen is symbol of excellence by the company so it is most beautiful as well as creative fold pen of the world, this is very expensive pen because it is made of pure gold and work of diamond which increase the beauty as well as price of pen. So price of this brand is about $50,500, despite of this, it is very easy to use for the people because it has inner ink filler system, so company made very attractive and different design of this pen, it is made in limited number and available in different colors.


6: Visconti Alchemy H.R.H Fountain Pens ($57,000)

Visconti Alchemy is most luxurious fountain pen by HRH, this is also very interesting made because it has two nibs and also has ink reservoir for the filling of ink, this pen is totally made of expensive material which include gold and silver therefore it is much expensive brand. Nib of pen is made of pure gold and also able to provide different style of writing, so pen has much precious and rich design because it is totally equipped and decorated with rubies and expensive diamonds but the most attractive part of pen is its cap which is made of gold so price of this pen is $57,000.


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5: Visconti HRH Limited Edition Ripple Fountain Pens ($57,000)

The most beautiful and luxurious fountain pen of the world is Visconti HRH as this is available in very limited number because this is limited edition pen, it is most expensive pen because it is made of diamond and pure gold , nib of this pen is also made of 18K gold. It has double ink reservoir for the convenience of the people, so it is also famous for different kinds of writing styles, this is available is two different colors which are gold and black so price of this limited edition is also according to its material which is $57,000, diamonds are fixed in the enclosure of this pen.


4: Omas Platinum Phoenix Fountain Pen Luxury Limited Edition ($60,000)

This pen Omas Platinum Phoenix fountain is perfect combination of beautiful writing pen, as in the preparation of this pen, pvery expensive material used, in which most common is platinum that is most expensive metal of the world therefore it is available in cone shape. Yellow enamel is used in this pen with nib is made of gold, this fancy and nice pen is designed with very interesting and attractive colors and body therefore it is most loved and liked by the people therefore price of this pen is also perfect which is $60,000, writing style of this pen is very smooth that is due to its architecture.


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3: La Modernista Diamond Caran dAche La ($265,000)

The most luxurious and beautiful pen La Modernista is prepared by Caran dAche which is most famous company of Switzerland in 1999, after two years of its manufacturing, it was sold in Harrods in 2001 and it is also written in the Guinness book of the world record for most expensive pen of the world in 2001 because it was sold in $265,000. Further it is made of very expensive material and also coated pure with silver, nib of the pen is made of Gold but further equipped with rubies and diamond and according to estimate more than 5,072 diamonds are used on the body of pen.


2: Mont Blanc Limited Edition Mystery Masterpiece ($730,000)

This most expensive masterpiece is made by Mont Blanc, aptly, Van Cleef and Arpels therefore this pen is named as Mystery Masterpiece, main features of this pen is that, this is made of three different specialties and expensive materials of the world which include Sapphires, Emeralds and rubies which are reason of most price of this pen. It is available in limited edition because made only on the order of customer, despite of expensive material used in this pen; there is also large work of silver on the body of this masterpiece so price of this luxurious item is $730,000 and considered to be one of the most expensive items of this century.


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1: Aurora Diamante ($1,470,000)

Aurora Diamante is most expensive pen in the world till this date because this is available in the market with high price tag as this is only million dollar pen of the world so it is called as best writing instrument of the world, this is available in the world in very limited number and according to reports, only single pen of this brand sold till now. Price of this pen is due to material used in this pen which included 30K diamond; about 2,000 diamonds are carefully attacked on the body of pen and nib of this pen is also made of pure gold therefore price of this pen is about $1,470,000.