Tornadoes Injures About 7 People In Oklahoma, House Turn Wreckage


Severe weather produced several tornadoes on late Wednesday in across northeastern Oklahoma, in the result about seven people were wounded, locals reported media.


The authorities described in decree that because of unexpected destruction after several tornadoes, roads were closed, locations are being cleaned by fire crews even police officers are also helping them to scour the Tulsa.

One of the areas in the city of Tulsa damaged badly hence rescue crews trying to search every residence though no one of them reported regarding any missing person in the city, told Michelle Allen, city public information officer.

The Streets and Water Departments are also doing help to remove road barricades and debris to make possible routine activities. Dangerous tornado lifted up and landed multiple times as huge roar was heard through the Tulsa and Owasso is a city in Rogers.

Michelle also said the weather service had received numerous statements of trees down, lofted wreckage and so many residences damage after tornadoes landed northeastern Oklahoma.

Medical officials reached at affected locations in Tulsa and others, rushed to hospital wounded people though one of them was in serious condition and other six are out of danger but recovering gradually, Kelli Bruer, Emergency Medical Services Authority spokeswoman told media.

Fire officials reported media that several residences’ roof turned wreckage in multiple neighborhoods as well a gun club in the city damaged badly in the result of heavy storm.

However, about nine million people had faced tensions after tornadoes touched down in multiple parts of American states such as Oklahoma, Arkansas, Texas and Louisiana on Wednesday even they are still feeling fear of strongest storms next, the national Storm Prediction Center told reporters.

According to weather service report, as well if storm turns back so the Dallas-Fort Worth metropolitan may face huge destruction.