Torrential Rains Kill Atleast 19 People In Brazil Sao Paulo City


Heavy rain and speedy land sliding killed 19 people in Brazil, system of communication or transportation destroyed by rain, flood warning also given by weather forecasters in whole state.


According to a foreign news report, stormy rain destroyed everything in big Brazilian state named Sao Paulo on Saturday in result of that almost 19 people departed from that life in which 17 were died due to land sliding other 2 drown up in speedy rainy water.

Rescue operation continues but officials told that thousands people lost their houses till now, rain is continuing for increasing problems for citizens.

Early in the morning heavy rain started in Brazil firstly, people took it’s not complexity but after few hours’ rain increased disaster environment and mostly houses in north areas flow up in speedy water all type of connections between nearly states completely damaged almost 19 people went to meet their maker.

Municipal officials told that twenty meter wide crater opened up in southern highway so now, people will take difficulties about crossing that road.

This wet climate seems to entry of flood in many Brazilian states for introducing large scale destruction as well Pakistan where every year people lost their houses and children in result of flood. Death of 19 people confirmed by authorities due to land sliding or any events occurred by violent rain.

In Brazil, February and March are the month of heavy rain but that conditions did not control by nay system because natural destruction can control by God not any other party.

One year ago, more than 800 people flow up in water of rain in big city named Rio de Janeiro now, another developed state Sao Paulo smashed by that type of weather but ratio of increasing deaths still low may be in upcoming days, system will make good control over rain.