Tour Bus Slammed In Back Of Semi-Truck Near Palm Springs, 13 Died & 31 Hurt Badly


The bus carrying tourists crashed on Sunday morning after it slammed in back of semi-truck while returning from casino to Los Angeles, the brutal crash carried out the deaths of 13 people while 31 tourists suffering from injuries.


A tour bus has been struck in back of a big rig on interstate 10 in Palm Spring in southern California, The horror crash of semi-tractor trailer and tourist bus dead 13 people while dozens of tourists badly wounded when tourist bus slammed in back of semi-truck mysteriously on highway near Palm Springs.

The bus driver was also counted in dead people while the driver of truck was among dozens of injured people.

California Highway Patrol division Chief Jim Abele said at a press conference, the range of wounded people is from minor to moderate which means there is no one injured people who have any life threaten.

The California Highway Patrol authority yet in mystery how the tourist bus slammed in the back of Semi-truck on a major highway in Southern California because the driver himself is dead along with tourist and there is no one who solve the mysterious horror crash.

The state officials have not released the identities of dead people while the bus driver has been identified by neighbor as Elias Vides who was 59-year old and owned the tourists company.

The Tourist bus was returning from a casino near the Salton Sea to Los Angeles on Sunday morning on Interstate 10 near Palm Springs in Southern California, the incident happened on 5:17 am according to local time; the highway Patrol has been stated.

The National Transportation Board and CHP are investigating whether drugs, fatigue or alcohol is the cause of such a horror incident.