Tourist Bus Sets On Fire At Taiwan Highway, 26 Passengers Died Due To Fire


TAIWAN: Tourist bus carries tourist from China these tourist are on a visit of Taiwan number of tourist in the bus is 24, while this bus is on the Highway of Taiwan sets into fire immediately and all the all the passengers including driver and guide burned into the flames.


This tourist bus is on the Highway Number 2 near Taipei which is the capital of Taiwan and this bus is heading towards the International Air Port of this Island as the tourist are have to catch their flight of China.

Tuesday is the last day of tour of these Chinese visitors and now these tourist are heading towards China with great memories of this tour but in the end this tour turns into a breath holding accident, the driver is taking this bus towards the Airport but somehow driver lost its control over the bus and bus collapse with the safety grid of Highway Number 2.

Before the collusion of bus with the safety grid the bus sets on fire the passengers of bus tried their level best to get out from the bus but doors of bus are jammed and windows of bus are made with unbreakable glass.

After this horrible accident 13 fire fighters trucks appears on the along with 30 fire fighters after the effort of 30 minutes the flame of fire comes under the control of fire fighters.

when the flames of fire set out that everybody on the scene shocks to see that big portion of bus is removed and then dead bodies of 26 passengers are taken out one by one condition of some of the dead bodies is undefined able.

Till now the investigation is not started and till now there is no official reason or cause of burning flames into the bus is defined.