Trailer Of “The Fall Series 3” Released, The Killer Paul Spector Horrifying Stella Gibson


Now it is the time when soon the 3rd series of famous English Drama, The Fall will be released and till now only a teaser trailer of the season 3 is launched to support the most awaited fans as this 3rd season will be the last season.

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The Fall is a famous series of crime and investigation in which the writer Allan Cubitt creates a lot of suspense shows that what are the problems and difficulties are faced by the police officers as well as the criminals.

There two main leading roles in this serial first one is Gillian Anderson who plays the role of Stella Gibson she is a senior investigating officer in Police Service of Northern Ireland (PSNI) and she is working on a case to catch a killer Paul Spector and this role is played by Jamie Dornan.

So in this way the suspense and story begins that a police officer is chasing a regular criminal and now it is time for the 3rd season of this Crime series a teaser trailer of the upcoming series is released whose length is 40 second.

In this teaser the senior investigating officer Stella Gibson is swimming and the pool and first she heard her own voice saying “You’re under arrest, you’re going to prison,” is a very light and horrifying tone than in the reply of this sentence she heard the voice of killer Paul Spector and he haunting this police officer by saying that.

“I live at a level of intensity unknown to you and others of your type,” we hear him say. “You will never know the almost God-like power that I feel when that last bit of breath leaves a body that feeling of complete possession.”