Turkey Faced Harsh Car Bomb Blast Near Police Headquarter, 5 Killed


Istanbul: Famous province named Diyarbakir took big car bomb blast in front of a police station in which 5 people killed on the spot and almost 30 got serious injuries.


According to a news report, last day in Turkey, a terrorist has a car full of explosive material and crashed with a police headquarter in Diyarbakir in which 5 innocent citizen departed from this life on the spot and approximately, 30 people got serious wounds.

Turkey Government also took lot of attention towards that explosion and made investigation committee for the purpose of searching all illegal groups in whole country. When blast held nearly situated houses and markets felt the harsh sound of that blast.

Recently, a Russian fighter plane entered illegally in Turkey’s Air boundaries then troops of that Muslim country attacked on and destroyed. Due to that reason Russia gave some threats to Turkey’s government.

Local authorities said that almost five were died and 30 wounded in result of collapse of building at the time of blast and all were transferred in to nearly hospital for treatment but reason of that severe attack still unknown.

All people who lived in Diyarbakir also took lot of disturbance after that car bomb blast. Terrorist groups also want to increase their attacks in whole Muslim country for the purpose of finishing peace of that Muslim nation.

Famous terrorist group Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant means Daesh increased activities in Iraq, Afghanistan, Pakistan and Syria for the purpose of implementation of Islamic rules and regulations so, might be that attack introduced by that group in Turkey.

After that special security forces took the control of all provinces and start a big search operation. Few days back, almost ten German tourists killed in a bomb blast held in central Istanbul.