Turkey School Trip Bus Crashed Into A Canal, 14 People Dead 26 Injured


In Turkey a bus was fallen in irrigation canal that bus was coming back from a study tour and in that bus there many students with their parents and teachers in the result of this accident 14 people were killed and 26 were injured.


This accident was happen in the south of Turkey when this bus was returning back from their tour and that bus was loaded with children parents and teachers their but when they are coming back from their tour their buss was crashed Into a canal and in the result of this 14 passengers were dead including 5 children.

In this bus crash 26 passengers were injured and only one of them was injured badly and he was in serious condition.

Governor Kerem Al visited the injured passengers and his remarks were that only one passenger was in serious condition and this bus was on study tour and returning back after visiting the National Park and Museum in the in the southern province of Osmaniye and bus travelled from there on Sunday late night and fell into the canal on Monday early morning.

Health Minister of Turkey Recep Akdag also said that only one injured passenger was injured badly and he was in serious condition and other was out of danger now.

According to the footage of security video camera shows that the bus was coming from wrong way in speed and collapse with a car and then bus not controlled by the driver and fell into the canal.

Witness of this accident and by-passers and residents of that area initially the help line and dived into the canal to save the lives of the people rescuers have taken out many dead bodies from the canal and still searching for the others and bus was also taken out from the canal.