Turkey Will Not Change Laws Of Terrorism For European Union: President Erdogan


Turkey will not make any change to its terrorism laws required under a deal to restrain migration, also declared that We are going our way so Europe also go to its own way President Tayyib Erdogan asked European Union on Friday.


Turkey is only country in the world which is situated in Asia as well as some of its part is in Europe too.

So on Friday to European Union Turkish President Recep Tayyib Erdogan stated that Turkish Government will not allow their citizens to travel without visas in European countries in Exchange of their main demand because they are not ready to change in laws of their country of terrorism.

Turkish President Erdogan made this statement a day after the resignation of Prime Minister of their country Ahmed Davutoglu because this agreement was decided between Turkish Prime Minister and European Union.

As according to reports that Prime Minister was against for proposal of giving more powers to President of Country Tayyib Erdogan so President further asked that it is their own country as well as National need.

So also stated by the president that is nothing involve his personal interest, but European said that Turkey will have to give more solids interpretation about their laws of terrorism so if Turkey wants their citizens to travel in European countries without visas.

Then this was decided between these countries so it is necessary to solve crisis of immigrants in Greece beaches from Syria that why they will go their homes and EU will also provide extra money to Turkey.

So according to agreement between European Union and Turkey that Citizens of Turkey travel without Visas in 22 countries of European Union as well as stay for some days too therefore European Union stated that they will solve this matter of travel without Visas till next month .

so these laws was made after so many attacks by Islamic state of Iraq and the Levant so European Union go its own way we will go to our own asked by President Erdogan.