Turkey’s Spy Intelligence Agency Continued To Conduct “Black Operation” In London


Turkish intelligence agency has continuously conducting their Black Operation not only in London but also in entire Europe, The Spy agency recently assassinated dissident that link to Partiya Karkerên Kurdistanê (PKK) in London.


Partiya Karkerên Kurdistanê that running their organization in Iraq and Turkey, is unable to save their supporters as Turkish Intelligence Agency has assassinated the dissident living in Europe.

Therefore, claims reported the spy agency not only running their organization in Europe but also conducting “Black Operation” in Europe. Evidence suggested the alleged secret agency reportedly ordered the murderer of an assassinated dissident passing his life days in Europe.

The Times News has obtained the official document for assassinated dissident in London and according to official document Turkish secret intelligence agency has ordered to kill a dissident in a café of London.

Ankara’s National Intelligence organization (MIT) ordered a shooter to murder Mehmat Kaygisiz in 1994 in a trade unionist however, the official document that obtained by The Times News had not cleared the political motive for killing Mehmat Kaygisiz, it is also come to know Mehmat Kaygisiz was on the hit list of their kill list.

More revelation emerged out in the court of country where Ankara’s National Intelligence Agency has submitted a document in the court of Ankara in which a 59-years old man is a suspect.

Submitted Document suggested the old man Nurettin Guven who was the former president of a drug load and Football club was the suspect that carried out the murder under the instruction of Turkish Intelligence Agency.

Nurettin Guven has reportedly revealed out in investigation that Turkish Spy Agency asked him to carry out same “Black Operation” two years back in 2013. Mehmat Kaygisiz was murdered when he shake hand with terrorist organization group of Britain.