Turkish Army Attacked on Syria & Iraq with Harsh Bombings, 200 Daesh Militants Killed


Ankara: Turkish army attacked on two Muslim countries named Syria and Iraq for the purpose of killing Daesh’s terrorists in which almost 200 radicals killed in result of severe bombings and destroyed many out of sight camps of Al-Qaeda and other militant groups.

According to a news report, last day, Turkish land forces made a big attack on famous big terrorist group named Daesh in which approximately 200 aggressors killed and many were got serious injuries but they were succeeded to run away from that place.

Recently, Islamic State of Iraq and the Levanta means Daesh attacked in Turkey in which they killed 10 innocent people in which one foreigner included. Terrorism also increased day by day in whole Islamic countries for the purpose of finishing the concept of Islam.

In those days, Syria, Iraq, Afghanistan and Somalia are facing harsh civil war in which thousands Muslims killed by militants but any one in United Nations not introduce any specific law for the purpose of controlling fight in which only loss occurred.

Turkish land forces took very strict action against Daesh when militants accepted the responsibility of Istanbul’s attack. Army made firing on almost 500 hidden camps of terrorists and killed 200. Another news report told that security forces arrested seven unknown persons in Turkey.

Government of turkey also excited about safety of his country‘s people from all terrorists groups. Few days ago, Russian army also attacked on Syria in which almost 90 local citizens killed on the spot and hundreds were got serious wounds.

A big official meeting held in Ankara in which Turkish Ministry took the decision about terrorism in which they told if Daesh and any other militant group entered in our country and increased their attacks then, we will do best defense for the safety of people.