Turkish Border Under Attack By Rebels, 6 Soldiers 7 Civilians Killed 15 Injured


At Ankara Rebels attacks on Turkish border secretly and these attacks conduct at a point where Turkish border meets with the border of Iraq in these attacks 6 Turkish soldiers along with 7 civilians have lost their lives and 15 men including soldiers and civilians are injured in these attacks done by the rebels.


At province Hickory situated in Turkey near the border of Iraq this area is under attack for a long time by Rebel this time two attacks conduct by Rebels first attack attempt by Rebel on the border in such a way that they targeted a patrolling car of soldier on the border by fixing a bomb on the way of that patrolling car of soldiers.

Than other attack is a suicide car bomb attack in this suicide car bomb attack a Rebel drives a car towards another car of soldiers but this time in this car bomb attack only 1 soldier along with his guard is killed as the bomb loaded in the is not very much explosive.

In these two attacks attempted by Rebels civilians are also killed as the border is populated area so in these two attacks 6 Turkish soldiers have lost their lives and 7 innocent civilians are also killed.

On the other side 10 Turkish soldiers includes 15 civilians are injured all most all the injured people and soldiers are out of danger except one civilian who is in a critical situation and there are very less chances that he can survive.

After these one by one two attacks Turkish army calls the backup and a very large unit of Turkish soldiers arrived to help the other soldiers when this back up unit reach the border it immediately starts the operation to find and kill the rebels .