Turkish Government Decided To Give Death Row To Rebels


ISTANBUL: After the failed attempt of rebellion by a group at Turkey the peace full atmosphere of Turkey is very much disturbed after this unsuccessful attempt to damage the Turkish shield wall Turkish authorities started a crackdown in search of those persons which are involved in this rebellion activity.


From the time when this crackdown was stared in search of rebels Turkish forces had arrested more than 6 thousands peoples and planning to take strong measures on them in search of this strong action Turkish authorities decided to give death row to these peoples.

This suggestion really got weight as the action of present moment becomes a lesson for the other peoples is you choose the path of rebellion than the cost of this rebellion is your life, till now this suggestion of death row is not yet finalized as death row is banned at Turkey from a long time but now the Turkish forces are seriously thinking that the punishment of death Row will now be released.

Turkey banned the death row in 2004 as its desire to become a part of European Union and it is compulsory clause that if any country wants to be a part of European Union than Death Row will be banned at that country and 1984 there will be no record of death row at Turkey but it seems that now Turkey is going to make history.

Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan said Turkish Government is trying its level best to find out a way that what we will have to do with these rebels and he also consulted about the death row with other political parties but till now nothing is decided.

On the other side Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan appointed 1800 officers at Istanbul and these officers are guided to shoot any helicopter which flies under the region of Istanbul.