Turkish Government Suspended 22,000 Officers, 24 TV And Radio Licenses Canceled


ANKARA: After the failed attempt of rebellion at turkey by a unit of Turkish Military Troops Turkish Government takes strong measure against the elements include this rebellion and suspended 21000 teachers and license of more than 24 TV channels as well as radio stations are canceled.


After this failed attempt of rebellion on Friday night Turkish government started a crack down to arrest all these persons which are involved in this activity of rebellion it is clear that not only Turkish Military members are involved there a whole unit which works behind this violent activity.

After this attack Turkey is completely shacked as Turkey is very proud on its defense policies, the result of Turkish strong defense is that the successfully stop this attack in its initial stage but in the initial stage rebels killed 240 persons and 1,440 peoples are injured badly and this is a great shock of Turkey.

After this Turkish intelligence forces arrested Turkish former chief of Air Force who accepted that he is the part of this rebellion and in further investigation it is clear that these all are connected with a Terrorist leader Fethullah Gulen and Turkish intelligence send 4 files to America for investigation.

Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan said that if public request for death row than he is ready or resume the death row in Turkey to teach a lesson to others that what happens if u messes with Turkey.

List of Turkish officers which are arrested
21,000 licensees of Private Teachers are removed

8,000 police officers are suspended from their seats

15,000 Ministers of Education are suspended

6,000 soldiers are fired

2745 judges are removed from their seats

1,500 staff members of Finance Ministry are dismissed

492 Religious Affairs Directorate are suspended

2745 judges are suspended

1,577 deans of Education board are requested for their resigns

399 Members of Ministry of Family and Social Policies are stripped

100 intelligence officials are fired

257 workers of prime minister’s office are fired

20 news websites are temporary blocked

30 governors of provincial level are dismissed

47 governors at district level are dismissed