Two Members Of Parliament, More 20 Civilians Killed In Somalia


Suicide bombers came in a car and they crashed their car on the gate of hotel and this hotel was frequently visited by the members of parliament this attack was done on Wednesday and two members of parliament were died including twenty other persons.


This hotel was in Mogadishu it is the capital of Somalia, according to initial report of police along with two lawmakers 10 persons were dead and according to the witness and residents of that area said that they heard gun fires around the building of hotel at late night.

Two members of parliaments Abdullahi Jamac and Mohamud Mohamed died in this hotel attack and these two are also the residents of this hotel in a report from Major Ibrahim Hassan the operation is on its last stages and more than 20 peoples were injured in this hotel and almost 15 were dead and many lawmakers were rescued in this operation.

Al-Qaida accepted that this attack was done by them and they gave responsibility of this attack to Al-Shabaad this group was affiliated from Al-Qaida and the target of Al-Qaida was the members of parliaments and other civilians and they were successful in their mission because they have killed two law makers and more than 20 civilians were dead and many other were injured.

Spokesperson of Al-Shabaab militant group Sheikh Abdiasis Abu Musab said that, their target are those disloyal persons who has betrayed many persons and their Mujahidin’s were at the top of the hotel and they have also killed many other members of parliament who were dishonest and continuously betraying many persons and they will disclose their information after some time.

First the authority members who was investigating this attack have not taken this statement seriously but now they are more than serious on this statement and waiting for that time when will they disclose the information.