U.S Official Confirmed: U.S Airstrikes Likely Killed Two Senior Al-Qaeda Leaders In Afghanistan


The U.S led coalition military unleashed a wave of airstrikes on Al-Qaeda leaders in Afghanistan from several years that likely carried out the killings of two Al-Qaeda leaders.


Pentagon has confirmed it significant led coalition airstrikes in Afghanistan on Sunday, marking the most significant achievement against leadership of militant group Al-Qaeda that was running from several year and finally knock out two main leaders of extremist group Al-Qaeda.

The press secretary Peter Cook revealed on Wednesday, United coalition forces conducted significant and precision strikes on Kunar province in Afghanistan region.

Pentagon Press secretary Peter not sure about the identification of targeted two militant leaders either they were Faruq al-Qatani and Bilal al-Utabi or someone other.

But they sure about the death two leaders and their deaths would be the significant blow to terrorist group currently present in Afghanistan. However, both targeted leaders of Al-Qaeda considered the top officials of Al-Qaeda extremist group.

The press secretary Peter Cook more added about the terrorist group, Al-Qaeda remain committing to launch attack on United States on our partners and alias.

he declared the extremist Al-Qaeda responsible for the brutal attack of 9/11 in 2001 that harmed much on World Trade Center and Pentagon as well that carried raised the death toll to 2,000 people and reportedly thousands of people were injured.

The pentagon press conference as not sure about the casualties has firmed if their airstrikes successfully eliminated the core leaders of extremist terror group then it would surely disrupt their plan to attack on United States as well as Peter Cook revealed.

Their drone attack on extremist group will also reduce the threat to Afghan partner and they will able to refuse that Afghanistan isn’t the safe haven for terror groups.