UK’s Most Wanted Female Terrorist Threatens New Strike On Social Media


A British Muslim female terrorist who is among the most wanted female terrorist threatened about new strikes on Britain through her tweet on social media.


Sally Jones who is the former punk rocker, travelling to Syria after converting to Muslim Religion Islam expressed the publication hit list of United States Drones Pilots amid claims that Islamic States IS Hackers have been identified the personnel of British Military, who had been involved in the airstrikes in the region, the Sunday Time reported.

One of the UK’s most wanted female terrorist who converts to Islam threatened the airstrike in her tweet on Social Media against Britain as Islamic States hackers identified the personnel of British Military.

Thus after the prolonged absence of 47 years old British Women a new tweet resurfacing on Twitter, “U can’t just sit there with ur tea & scones ordering RAF (Royal Air Force) drone strikes on UK brothers with no comeback from the Islamic State (ISIS)”.

In a reference to the death of his husband, Junaid Hussain who was only of 21 was killed in the airstrike made by United States drones and now identified that the British Military also involved in the airstrikes in Syria, Sally Jones added,”Yes, it’s Abu Hussain’s wife. Shouldn’t you be calling for the resignation of Mike Fallon (UK defence secretary) after IS said it has a mole in the MoD?”

Sally Jones, after a prolonged absence from social media chose to share her story by Twitter on Sunday that helps the Western Intelligence Agencies to track out her location, Sally Jones dragged into the Pentagon “Kill List” after she named in “Specially designated Global Terrorist”.

Islamic States hacker recently linked with Junaid Hussain widow and published the detail of 75 United States’ Staff that were involved the drones attack in Syria which causes her husband’s death.