United Nation Says That Airstrikes On Aid Convoy Of Syria Could Be A War Crime


The Humanitarian Chief of aid of United Nation attacks would be considered as the amount to the war crime as an airstrike hit last night which Syrian Military said the Russian-US brokered cease fire is failed.


It is very shocking to hear about the airstrikes on the food trucks supply in Syria which were to be supplied in those areas of country where thousands of people trapped without medical and food resources therefore last night an airstrike hit on these trucks which Syrian Military said that the United States and Russian brokered cease fire had failed after these attacks.

As the results of these attacks, many people died and lot of people wounded in this respect including a girl of only one year old.

So aid chief of the United Nation said that it is horrible to hear about that many were killed or may be serious injured in this attacks which also include volunteers from Syrian Arad Red Crescent.

In further attacks the warehouse and health clinic of Red Crescent also hit and seriously damaged in the result of this attack so Aid Chief stressed on all the parties that it is great loss not only of things but also of Innocent lives of the people because trucks were carrying aid for 78,000 people.

He said that if they continued to attack like this ad target innocent people then it would be considered as to war crime so there is no excuse for war attacks on the selfless and brave workers.

Therefore deaths in these attacks also pointed finger on the Syrian Government and also on Russian Government.

So about 18 trucks of eatables and medical were destroyed in these deadly attacks on last night with drivers and 12 volunteer are also died and there is no known number of people which are seriously injured.