United State Sending Another Badge Of 560 Troops At Iraq


Secretary of Defense of United States Ashton B. Carter visited Iraq in this visit he meets with the Defense Minister of Iraq and in this meeting Ashton B. Carter said that United States is going to help the Iraq in fighting against Diash and United States is going to send a set of troops of 560 troops.


This visit of Ashton B. Carter is an unannounced surprise visit to Iraq in this visit the basic concern of Ashton B. Carter is to put an eye on the current situation of soldiers and operations going on at Iraq against the terrorist in this way if any help is need to the Iraq that United States will help the Iraq because United States wants to remove the terrorists from the world at any cost.

Army Lt. Gen. Sean MacFarland, the top U.S. commander in Iraq said the new troops will help to get charge back on the Qayara air base of because this air base is very helpful for the soldiers as soldiers are going to stay in the building of Qayara air base and troops are going to made it their base camp.

there is a whole team of tromps engineers logistics personnel the basic benefit of this base is that it is just 64 kilometers away from the central city of Iraq Mosul which is facing a lot of crises now a days and basic objective behind sending the troops is that United States wants to free this city.

Including these troops in Iraq send by United States is 4,647 and nearly it’s going to touch the figure of 6,000.

Now these troops along with the Iraqi forces going to fight against the Diash and tries to free the Iraq from militants.

In last three months more than 200 soldiers are sending towards the Mosul but this number of soldiers is very les to cover the area of half million population.