United States And India Strongly Tied In Logics Agreement Of Military With Each Other


India’s Defense Minister Manohar Parrikar meets with United States Secretary of Defense Ash Carter on 28 August 2016 and sign a logics contract to share military and technological information as well as military property of each other.


Now both countries India and United States are stepping forward to make their relationship with each other stronger in this process both countries have sign an agreement of logics with each other according to this agreement both countries allow each other to use their military assets.

According to this agreement now the Military forces of United States are allow using the air of Delhi as well as the sea ports and navel ports of Indian these ports are used to replenishment of supplies as well as for the repairing of Ships.

One of the bases of this agreement India wants help of United States to keep an eye on the rising maritime assertiveness of China as china day by day increasing its military and navel activities and this thing really disturbing the India.

As in last month China makes a chain of 100 Russian Military Tanks on the border link border of China and India and that was a clear message to India from China that this country is ready to fight with India.

China never left a chance to let down India on any platform similarly like that when India Tries to get member ship of Nuclear Supplier Group and at that time China is the only country which stand against the India on the other side China also trouble United States in many matter so the military coordination and assistance of these two countries really help each other.

On the other side India also demand assistance in technological field as India is showing progress in this field on daily bases and wants to makes its technology world best technology.