United States Criticizes India’s Ballistic Missile Test


United States has criticized India’s latest ballistic missile launch, saying these actions could likely enhance the risk to nuclear security as well may show worse result in regional security.


America has expressed concerned over missile developments and any nuclear because these could possibly raise threat to nuclear security risk and cause of tensions in region, Mark Toner, the State Department spokesman said in statement.

However, United States condemns these kinds of activities hence requests all nations they have to focus on their limits carrying out their drills and avoid to launch missile and nuclear capabilities, described in continued speech pointing out India’s current ballistic missile test.

Toner also explained in statement that senior official from the State Department official had expressed its concerns with Indian senior leaders.

When reporters asked Washington spokesman what kind of views America has over ballistic missile program by New Delhi, replied saying, “We are concerned,”

Senior State Department official has appealed all nuclear capabilities holder nations to must show restraint even expressed concern over New Delhi latest missile launch.

India has launched successfully a self-made nuclear capable K-4 ballistic missile from a submerged location in the Bay of Bengal hours ago which seems to be bad activity as well risk to nuclear security.

Nevertheless, Indian had also test-fired Agni-V, a nuclear-capable missile successfully on 31, Jan 2015 that have the ability to hit Beijing and Eastern Europe in seconds. Agni-V came out Asian power into a small club of countries that can organize nuclear armaments at such a great distance.

Washington awaits Pakistani current Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif’s visit to the US attending the Nuclear Security Summit next week whereas also appreciated Pakistani government struggles against terrorists even its nuclear material protection regarding moves in the region.