United States Election 2016: Democrat Bernie Sanders Win Election in Washington and Alaska


All the Contestants that are nominated by democrat President Bernie Sanders easily won in almost all seats of Alaska and Washington which was held on Saturday but it is not end of Election it has to face Clinton too.


Elections in United of America are continue in all states of country in which different leaders taking lead in different States of America So Election in two Big and main States of country have won by all the Contestants that have been Nominated by Democrat leader Bernie Sanders.

he is now taking lead in these states but according to reports it is not end of election in country he has to face Strong Candidate Clinton which he has to overtake.

But victories in Main States of country give him a lot of confidence and momentum to step forward to next stage and according of reports these are big victories by his candidates as his party won by more than 50 % of margin which is considered as big margin in West region of United States therefore he is so much confident and hopeful to win his third Victory that may be in Hawaii.

So on his victories he thanked and asked to his voted that they are making road to success under his leadership and making a wide path to all victories in country.

He also stated that it is very hard for everybody in country to deny that our campaign has a momentum therefore we got relay amazing victories in these states of country but he has to won Two Third in all reaming seats to surpass Clinton.

But a Clinton Supporter Said that these victories just support Sanders only to raise more funds for his party But Sanders asked that their funds of 140 million dollars are enough for all remaining Election campaign.