United States Enhances Security Alerts at US Airports Following Belgium Bombings


The American security forces were deployed at main US transportation centers on alert on Tuesday even immediately evacuated Denver International Airport’s part of its main terminal in a false alarm in wake if hours after Brussels suicide bombings which left about 30 people dead.


After completion of investigation, police didn’t find any threat at Denver International Airport following an evacuation of a section of the main terminal after receiving threats for possible risk suspicious packages.

The Denver security forces have finalized their assessment and now finally a part of the main terminal on the west side between doors 600 and 610 on level six and 500 to 510 on level five, has cleared, an airport officials tweeted on Twitter.
Now the blocked terminal aimed at security reasons, has re-opened to the public approximately after 4:45 p.m.

Nonetheless, in spite of public safety concerns unleashed by the aggression in capital of Belgium, while Homeland Security Secretary of United States, Jeh Johnson described that the agency had no intelligence that may indicate to alike bombing being planned against America.

Therefore, the State Department released a travel alert to American citizens in Europe to stay away crowded locations and be attentive while using large transport too. It was also said that everyone try to avoid to be part of parties or event of religious holidays because militants may target crowd.

It is believed to be that Brussels bombings were carried out on the 2016 US presidential campaign trail as Hillary Clinton, a Democratic contender said in previous statement that US security forces have to raise its advances to tackle well the Islamic State militants who has claimed responsibility for Brussels suicide bombings.

After feeling fear of possible threat in United States, security officials were ordered to raise their activity as some of the busiest airports in US as well other transportation facilities were on heightened security status.