Unless Threatened, North Korea Will Not Use Its Nuclear Weapons First


North Korean leader Kim Jong UN announced, nuclear weapons will not use first unless its sovereignty is threatened, will work toward global stability and nonproliferation and ordered Military to be ready to face the growing threats from enemies.


The Democratic People’s Republic of Korea has worked on active Nuclear weapons and achieved to get the goal as Korea first tested it’s Nuclear weapons and other explosive devices in 2006.

after withdrawing from the international treaty while North Korea carried on tests in 2009, 2013 and recently in 2016. However, it made repeated nuclear weapons and explosive threats of Nuclear Strikes against South Korea and United States.

Few days later, United States’ president reportedly said that they have no threaten from North Korea Nuclear weapons. North Korea’s leader Kim Jong UN stated in front of media that they will not launch any nuclear explosive first unless they found threatened of their sovereignty and they will work continuously toward the nonproliferation and global stability, North Korea’s leader Kim added, his party goal is just to establish a peaceful world that will free from war.

The State controlled Korea Central News Agency reported, the comment from North Korea’s leader Kim Jong UN released on the 7th Party of Congress workers, party organized by country that had an aim to select the newer leader and established an agenda for the future years of the country.

Despite the apparent overture to foreign powers, North Korean leader Kim stated, they worked permanently on the policy of pursuing economic and military development in tandem that known as “Byungjin Line”. North Korea carried out new test in early of 2016 in January and followed with the satellite launch.

As the threats growing, North Korean leader Kim has ordered to Military to be ready for the use of nuclear weapons and explosive nuclear material.