US Drone Air Strike Kills A Senior Al-Qaeda Commander And Four Other In Afghanistan


Extremis terror group Al-Qaeda’s top commander killed in the drone attack carried out by United States in Afghanistan, senior commander along with four more combatants were attack by US drones in Afghanistan’s Kunduz province.


The Afghan Ministry of Defence (MoD) revealed in a statement, the drone attack that cause the killing of five militants of terror group Al-Qaeda, airstrikes carried out by United States in two distinct provinces including northern Kunduz province and southern Zabul province.

The five number of fighter of Al-Qaeda that become the target of US drone airstrikes, include the top commander of Al-Qaeda as well who named identified as Mullah Mohammad Ali, who believed to be involved in atrocities committed against the citizens of the country and other major terrorist attacks.

Argued made that the terrorist groups attempting to expand it foothold in the country with the help of other extremist organizations as Taliban and other militant groups.

The Afghan militant and security officials stepped up with U.S pro-regime forces launched counter terrorist operation against the terrorist groups including Islamic States of Iraq and Syria that are trying to expand their foothold in the different parts of country.

According to the latest report, U.S drones that knock out five terrorist group Al-Qaeda’s militants dropped almost 251 bombs and missiles mainly to target the loyalists of Islamic State of Iraq and Syria in the Afghan’s country earlier this year in January and February.

Afghanistan militants and other pro-regime forces stepped forward to seize the attack as well as to target with increased capability on daily basis.

Afghanistan force took exclusive action against terrorist forces including Islamic States of Iraq and Syria, Al-Qaeda and other militant groups with additional specialty of more combat helicopter and fixed wing light attacking planes.