US Drone Strike, Operations Killed 64 Militants As well As 2 ISIS Commander


The latest United States’ drone attack and an operation of Afghan national security forces left 64 fighters dead as well as two senior commanders from Islamic State, while more than 16 were wounded in these actions, authorities reported media.


According to fresh reports, the Afghan security forces’ operation has shown impressive results as they shot dead about three fighters Lashkar Gah, a city in southern Afghanistan and the capital of Helmand Province, while 11 people were injured badly.

The security forces have revealed recovering landmines those go to Iran from Afghanistan. In the meanwhile Gulf News has published a report, saying Afghan officials have also announced that landmines were discovered from Taliban warehouse.

However, these minefields were recovered in the center of the country Bamyan region by the national security forces. On the other side, a United States drone attack shot dead two commanders of Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant including its 7 other fighters in the eastern province of Nangarhar.

While the national forces of Afghanistan said that the US drone attack hit Achin district. The provincial police spokesman Hazrat Hussein Mashreq told reporters that the victim commanders and fighters were targeted in Mamond Dara and Peekha regions, while some foreigners were also killed in US drone attack.

United States troops in Afghanistan have determined to remove the hold of Islamist dangerous fighters hence the number of drones have been increased even 20 drone attacks have been carried out from January to 29 February those left so many Islamist fighters dead.

Afghan Defense Ministry said in a report, the national security forces had done its successful operation against the fighters in previous 24 hours in provinces such as Faryab and Baghlan, in which 120 Taliban fighters put their guns down.