US Drones Strike Killed 150 al-Shabab Fighters in Somalia


Mogadishu: Again American drones showed aggression against Somalian armed forces at big training camp and killed more than 150 troops many were got serious wounds.


According to a news report, US claims killing of 150 soldiers in Somalia by the help of severe drones attack but actual deaths did not announce by local government.

American defense ministry told that many terrorist took secret positions in that camp for the purpose of a big attack on NATO and African forces but we also failed all type of aggressive plan.

Another news portal exposed in which American forces also know the position of militants in Somalia then made an air operation on that training camp and succeeded to eliminate 150 fighters. The best thing is that forces trying to snatch three big regions in whole Muslim country by mutual cooperation but till now did not achieve any big task.

Pentagon spokesman named Jeff Davis gave remarks about his air strike after getting the information about 200 fighters lived in that Somalian camp for getting training against American and African forces then we make big drones attack in which almost 150 militants killed on the sport many were serious damaged and also arrested by army.

Famous terrorist group Al Shabaab is working in Soamlia against military forces for getting whole control of country for an Islamic government that is producing many attacks against NATO forces on behalf of partner Al-Qaeda.

Recently, militants claimed killing of 18 troops at military camp held in North Somalia now, US got very good success through air strike in very reasonable time.

In those days, many Muslim countries like Afghanistan, Syria, Iraq and little name of Somalia are facing civil war between NATO forces and Militants in which thousands people killed but any way of peace did not introduce by United Nations.