US Election: Hillary Clinton Loses To Bernie Sanders In West Virginia, Donald Trump Win 2 More States


Democratic front-runner Hillary Clinton defeated by United States presidential candidate Bernie Sanders on Tuesday in the coal state of West Virginia regaining momentum as well as leaving the path of Hillary Clinton Democratic presidential nominee figures to be rocky to the termination.


The defeat in West Virginia will slow down the Hillary Clinton’s march but she heavily favored by his supported to become the Democratic candidate in the election of 8th November.

Next time in November elections, Hillary Clinton will against her completely opposite Donald Trump, Hillary Clinton will require winning with working-class voter in Rust Belt state of United States which include the vital key states of Pennsylvania and Ohio.

New Hampshire state Senator Lou D’Allesandro released after Hillary beaten by Sanders that he feels always uncomfortable when Hillary Clinton bear defeat, a supporter of Hillary Clinton used to say that Newly elected Bernie Sander every time either represents himself or present his story and the story has no end and goes on.

“Let me be as clear as I can be. We are in this campaign to win the Democratic nomination.” Mr. Sanders used to announce in the rally in Salem, Oregon Tuesday evening, “We now have won primaries and caucuses in 19 states,”

Bernie Sanders acknowledge that he faces uphill climb but he would seek to unite the party in a general election if he defeated by someone and fails to win the nomination, he subtle hint.

On opposite side, Republican Presidential front runner Donald Trump bow down his rivals and opposite candidate in the two states of West Virginia and Nebraska on Tuesday. The presumptive Republican nominee Donald Trump is all set to meet with the party leaders in the United States congress that include the Speaker of United States House of Representatives Paul Ryan.