US Government Officials Says Discussions With Afghan Taliban Necessary For Peace


Washington: US government officials told that F16 jet planes will transfer to Pakistan in upcoming days, if Afghan Taliban did not want to sit on the table of discussions then Regional peace would be take bad environment.


According to a foreign news report, senior spokesman of White house told in media briefing if Afghan Taliban accepts the offer of delegations with security forces and local government then everyone will take breath of peace but in case of rejection problems increased in region for both parties.

He also cleared that the delivery of F16 planes would be made near in future to Pakistan for increasing his defensive power.

Official also impressed about seeing the working of Pakistani chief of Army staff named Raheel Sharif against militants, spokes person gave advantage to Pakistan over all other countries about getting loss in terrorism but everyone want to see Afghan government and Taliban on delegations table for increasing peace in nearly regions.

In those days, Afghanistan and other Muslim countries like Syria, Iraq is facing the big problem of civil war between NATO forces and militants in which thousands people departed from that life but any party did not see for stoppage of that fight because famous jihadist group named Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant (ISIS) want to take over all control of these countries.

Recently, former American chief of army staff named John F. Campbell requested in front of US management about increasing military against Afghan Taliban because terrorists also increased their attacks on forces from last two or three months after listening the news of discussions with government.

United States Secretary of State John Kerry said that president of Afghanistan named Ashraf Ghani also gave invitation to Taliban group for peaceful delegations in front of whole world but any type of good or bad reply did not make by Afghan Taliban.