US Highest-Ranking Navy Officer Yet Sentenced In Prison Of 40-Months


A U.S. Navy Lieutenant Commander has been sentenced to nearly four years in prison and will have to pay $ 100,000 and forfeit $ 95,000 in proceed as he charged for involvement in $ 30 million bribery scandal.


United States Navy commander Capt. Daniel Dusek, who is the former deputy director of operations for the Navy 7th fleet pleaded guilty for accepting paid travel, prostitutes and tickets of Lady Gaga live concert from a contractor Glenn Defense Marine Asia as well as exchange internal information of U.S Navy.

The former commander of USS Bonhemme Richard Capt. Daniel Dusek sentenced nearly four years prison and ordered to pay fine of $ 100,000. He is one of the 10 defendants who so far charged in the bribery case; perhaps this bribery scandal is the biggest one corruption case in the whole history of United States Navy.

According to Foreign reports, two of the sailor already pleaded guilty and sentenced to prison while a senior agent or master mind and two other Navy officer will awaiting for pleaded their guilty and awaiting for sentencing harsh.

There founded two more admirals who retired, suspected to have relation with Francis and his company. Misiewicz is the one who pleaded guilty early in this year in January had corruption charges and sentenced to prison for a long time nearly 78 months by Federal prosecutor of United States District court.

In highest bribery corruption scandal of U.S Navy, out of 10 Navy officials pleaded guilty sentenced to prison included Malaysian businessman Leonard Francis, known to friends as “Fat Leonard,” , prosecutor said him to pay $ 500,000 in bribes.

According to foreign Reports, United States prosecutor said classified information provided to Francis in worth of heavy Bribes including movement of United States Fleet.