US Military Abuse to Prisoners Scandal, 200 Pictures Released by Pentagon


Washington: Almost 200 photographs of Iraqi and Afghani prisoners showed by Pentagon who misbehaved by United State army during civil war.


According to a foreign news report, for last twenty years, Iraq and Afghanistan are facing big civil war between American army and militants in result of that thousands people killed. The Pentagon released pictures of 200 battle prisoners who faced harsh wounds given by US troops in shape of many cuts on body.

Abuse scandal occurred in 2004, when many shocking pictures of Iraqi prisoner named Abu Ghraib presented in front of world that faced the sexually disgrace and torture imposed by US soldiers inside jail now, Pentagon also released lot of photographs of prisoners in shape of serious misbehave of capturing forces secretly.

An American civil freedom organization protested for innocent prisoners and decade to US government for giving suitable answer and told that with the help of a report in which almost 2000 photographs still secret. The Pentagon also ignored the demand about releasing additional images in front of media for many security concerns.

Special security investigation report told that were released on behalf of criminal record investigation in to 56 accusations of misconduct by American army during civil war against terrorist in Iraq and Afghanistan. The best thing about Iraqi prisoner named Abu Ghraib who faced physical and sexual punishment given by soldiers.

Between 2004 to 2006 rounds about 11 soldiers included Lynndie England also subjected to involve in sexual treatment with naked prisoners and these people also convicted in to court martial. Media wants to see all secret pictures alleged serious abuses inside the cell are the big evidence about proving military detention.

On other side, American military spokes man refused to accepting these viral photos but he did not give more comments about that show.