US Official Claims to Discover Malaysian MH370 Wreckage


The United States officials have claimed that they discovered ruined plane debris which believed to be same as the missing Malaysia Airlines Flight 370 at seashore of a southern African nation, Mozambique.


However, the Australian authorities have also agreed that the discovered debris at south side of African seashore may have belonged to MH370 as ocean drifts could carry wreckage.

The founded piece of wreckage on a sandbank at the weekend is explained to be 1m-long (3.3ft), while the Malaysian MH370 was lost in March 2014 by taking off from Kuala Lumpur towards Beijing with 239 passengers.

Months ago, Australian authorities determined to find out wreckage of missing plane from wide-ranging deep water but they couldn’t get anything during searches even any dead body.

On the other side, the Malaysian Transport Minister Mr. Liow Tiong Lai tweeted via Twitter account referring previous reports regarding searches of the jet, said may have the discovered debris belonged a Boeing 777 as found at beach of Mozambique.

Tiong Lai added by requesting everyone to stop spreading unnecessary rumors because it is hard to announce for them the wreckage is belonging to MH370 at this time.

He also explained in his continued speech that Malaysian aviation teams were part of the searches of their Australian counterparts get back the doomed pieces of the plane.

Nevertheless, Darren Chester who is Australian Minister for infrastructure and transport stated the discovering of latest piece of debris at coast of Mozambique may be part of the MH370 but the piece is being investigated so aftermath can show the accurate side.

After finding the doomed piece, it would be sent to Australia examining where it belongs, while a piece of the plane’s wing was discovered on the shoreline of Reunion Island in Indian Ocean and it may eb the second one.