US President Daughter Sasha Obama Serving up Seafood In Summer Job


WASHINGTON: American President Barack Obama’s youngest daughter Sasha Obama is utilizing her summer holidays in a very useful manner by serving the people she is doing a part time job in a Sea Food Restaurant.


Sasha Obama is a very passionate girl and she wants to do something bigger in her life so in these summer vacations she decided to do a part time job as she is just of 15 years but her aims are very high this youngest member of Obama family is now serving people from the platform of a Sea Food Restaurant.

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From few days Sasha is working in that Restaurant along with all the other common peoples and she is now moving there like a celebrity she is properly working there like other workers according to a of that Restaurant he said the Sasha Job’s include to working downstairs and take out.


Further he said that in starting days everyone was really shock that why 6 men are always moving around this girl and helping her that after some time the staff of that Restaurant came to knows that she is Sasha Obama and here she is gaining some experience of practical life.

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These 6 men who are helping the Sasha are actually her body guards as she is daughter of President.
Some of the pictures of Sasha are shared on social media in these picture this teen beauty is wearing the proper uniform of that Restaurant including the cap and apron no body identify her there as she is using her full name which is Natasha Obama.


This famous Sea Food Restaurant is situated in the Martha’s Vineyard in Massachusetts which is the state of England and this state is famous for its historical past and many tourists visit her and some of these tourists are also served by Sasha.

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