Uzair Baloch Arrested By Rangers, Lyari Gang War Expected To End Its Losses


Karachi: Rangers took Interpol information about entrance of notorious leader of Liyari gang war named Uzair Baloch and arrested from outside the city and shifted to unknown place for investigation.


According to local news report, big city of Pakistan ‘Karachi’ faced long gang war in which hundreds were departed from that life last day, leader of that fighting Uzair Baloch arrested by Rangers when criminal try to enter in city late night and security forces took successful action.

Uzair Baloch also involved in many kidnapping cases and murders but any powerful evidence did not prove the crimes of that person. Rangers also find out illegal weapons from leader of Liyari gang war on arresting place. In coming days, after completing necessary investigation, police will be present to criminal in special terrorist court.

Police and rangers made a operation for the purpose of arresting the leader of Liyari gang Uzair Baloch in 2012 but they failed to find their victim but in 2013, when another big scale operation introduced by army and rangers against target killers then Uzair shifted to Dubai and got safety.

Father of Uzair Baloch served as transporter in Liyari and after few years, a criminal minded person named Arshad Papo kidnapped and asked to his family for Ransom after rejection killed by that group then, Uzair entered in illegal world for the purpose of getting his father’s death reward.

When famous leader of underworld named Rehman Robber killed in Liyari gang war then Uzair Baloch took the command of that activities and introduced world of terror for people and earned lot of money in result of having big political support given by Pakistan People Party.

Now, people of Liyari showed lot of happiness in result of arrest of Uzair Baloch by Karachi’s rangers on last night.