Venezuelan Anti-President Protest: Policemen Shot Dead And Dozens Wounded


A Venezuelan policeman killed while escalating tension of protest against President of state Nicolas Maduro on Wednesday, the violence wounded 120 people when thousands of anti-government demonstrators made their way to various streets against president.


The opposition demonstrators pushing for a presidential call again in Venezuela as they protested Wednesday, the heavy anti-government protests killed one police official while reportedly 120 people injured in huge opposition’s violence.

The nationwide protest against President of Venezuelan made their way to every street pushing for presidential recall, the nation marked their protests together in more than 50 sites across the country.

The government blamed on activists from the anti-government party, amid their clash with security officials one police official shot dead on a highway out of Caracas. The government pushed Miranda Police to investigate the policeman death, although it confirmed his death but it has not connected his death to opposition demonstrators.

The Governor of the State Henrique Capriles, who is the opposition leader as well, vows to march the presidential palace next week if according to their demands halted referendum proceedings not resume also the opposition leader make it sure to Mr. President of Venezuela.

Interior Minister Nestor Reverol claimed on one protest, a police officer was killed in front of broadcaster UTV.

However, about injured people, the Opposition leader has also confirmed 120 people wounded in protest violence while there are 147 number of those people who arrested by security officials during nationwide protests.

Anti-government leader Henrique Capriles first launched political trial against state president in National Assembly on Tuesday and then next day he held nationwide march on Wednesday.

The opposition not silent here, they launched another grand protest to Presidential Palace next week if the state president not resume halted referendum proceeding.