Violence On Protesters Still Continue Indian Army In Kashmir, 35 Protesters Died


Kashmir: Situation of violence is still out of control after the death of Freedom Movement Leader Burhan Wani along with his two companions by the Indian Army on July 08 2016 after that 5 days have been passed and protest is still going on and 35 protest members have lost their lives.


On Thursday night the freedom movement leader of occupied Kashmir Burhan Wani ho really wants to free the Kashmir from the rule of India and the devotion in his heart to get freedom from India reviles in his work this devotion and struggle of Burhan Wani really tensing the Indian authorities because now the future of occupied Kashmir is front of India that not this piece of land is also going to merge with Pakistan.

After the death of Burhan Wani all the young and great leaders of Freedom Movement calls for a protest movement and at this call the followers of this movement comes on road to strike against the Indian army that why the kills their leader Burhan Wani.

After some the members involve in protest movement become violent and a start destroying all the things coming in the way of protest members Indian Army tried their best to stop the protest but failed badly with passage of time things are getting worst and army takes the charge over the Kashmir and also in some places of Kashmir curfew is applied.

According the ministry of health in Kashmir now Kashmir is now in the situation of Emergency all the civilians are like unleashed horses the economic circle of Kashmir destroyed all the business points on national and international levels are closed the economy of Kashmir is coming downward and peoples are dying every day there is no proper record that how many are injured and how many are killed.