Vladimir Putin Announces Russian Forces’ Withdrawal From Syria


Latest statement of Russian president Vladimir Putin made shock its ally the United States announcing unpredictably withdrawal of his country’s security forces from the war-torn Syria as peace discussions started on Monday.


Russian President believed their mission has almost been completed, while the move has raised so many questions. Syrian people has been facing tensions due to long time civil war which left thousands of people dead as well millions people displaced.

Moscow said in report that Vladimir Putin has issued order to move back home to main part of Russian troops from Syria though advance was planned in a meeting among defense minister, Putin and foreign minister.

Putin told Syrian President Bashar al-Assad via telephonic call, later on explained in a report that major part of the mission has been completed as Russian military has been working since September launching ground and air strikes in captured parts of Syria by one of the dangerous militant organization Islamic State also known by other names such IS, ISIS and ISIL.

Moscow launched its campaign in war-torn country in September in which so many fighters were targeted even other people also died. Russia intrusion aimed at help disturbed Syrian regime and allied Shiite militias push back the militants from largest part of the country where fighters have captured many regions as well as in western coast and around the northern city of Aleppo.

On the other side, Syrian officials have also expressed that they have overcome the worst condition built by Islamic State fighters in homeland.

The sudden decision from Putin of Russian withdrawal from Syria may creates some disturbance for President Assad also leave its position weaker as negotiations on a settlement get under way in Geneva, some diplomats involved in the process described.

Nevertheless, Moscow strikes campaign annoyed its ally United States officials who all showed anger over Russian bombings which targeted relatively reasonable militant organizations.