Washington State Murder-Suicide: A Man Fatally Shot 4 Family Members


A man killed himself after shooting four people which though to be his own family members on Friday in Belfair, town in Washington, while a 12-year-old girl reported to be gunman’s own daughter that escaped fortunately, police told media.


Belfair police also reported that they had to use tear gas to take into their custody a man who killed own family members and later on killed himself by stepping out from his house.

The incident occurred in a house close to the community of Belfair located at nearly distance of 25 miles west of Seattle, while the incident is being investigated but though to be result of disturbance created among the murderer and other family members, told a Mason County Sheriff.

According to Chief Deputy Russell Osterhout’s statement, the shooter is father of this family whereas others who were targeted to his huge rage part of the clan.

The Chief added the only survivor of the massacre a 12-year-old girl remained successful keeping herself safe to possible causalities, ran away from the house before the killer tried to walk behind her but discovering police officers outside his residence shot dead himself.

The police officers tried to overcome the situation, had to carry out hours negotiations with a police SWAT team and law enforcement and a police SWAT team but the murderer didn’t agree to security officers.

However, several bursts of gunfire coming from the wooded property on Thursday night were heard by the neighbors who all got scared but after hours got shocked discovering the incident a target killing even own family members.

After hearing bursts of gunfire, neighbors of the victims informed state police though law enforcement officers surrounded house and saw a man (killer) inside the residence at nearly 8:30 a.m. (1630 GMT).
Nonetheless, the instigation will unveil what the reason is behind scene.